October 11, 2015

One Corner of the World

Need to get away,... or need a hideout ? Follow this coordinate 3°54'18.6"N 100°42'27.4"E

It will lead you to a place where no one will be able to find you !

Look at that,...not a single soul !

...not even a single creature on the road !

Until you reach...one corner of the world. Check out this place...Restaurant Tuck Tuck Sungai Tiang, Perak. Located in a fisherman village, what's cooking ?...anything catch of the day ! You will see some fishermen come with a bike carrying a pail with 2 or 3 fishs, or even prawn mantis. Fresh from the sea !

Fresh from the sea...best cooking method...just boil it !

Miniature squid. These are the things that we seldom find now a days. Full grown squid with eggs in it...just size of a Tiger bottle cap.

A foot long Prawn Mantis !

Claypot Catfish with Spicy Tamarind Sauce. 

Just behind the restaurant, you can buy fresh and inexpensive seafood. 

XXL Fresh Prawn only less than RM 40 per kg.

Sighted team bsg. 

The restaurant is just a small place for the locals to gather around...enjoy the sea breeze and chill out with a couple of "Tiger" 

It's a place to get away from the city life, do nothing....drink and eat what they have ! 

Simply no expectation....and RELAX !