September 6, 2015

Andechs Monastery

My German friends took us to see German Monastery. Drove one hour from Munich approximately 30km to down south west . Introduced to us the place as...Andechs Monastery.

The place was crowded with people chilling out, enjoying the cool breeze and the nice weather.... 

  Hmm...looks like a restaurant to me !!??

The next thing he took me to this place !??

 Holy place !...I am in heaven ! 

 They serve beer in the monastery !...and great food.

 ...and The Pork Knuckle was prefecto ! 

I couldn't believe they have such a place in the Monastery,...the beer was so pure and the food was even better than some of the restaurants that I had.  

 Two liters already...and still going ! Seems like our drinking competition is still on !

No kick !!?? Add this !

This was how we looked like after going against the law of drinking beer,...never mix what was supposely to be and prefected by the lord of brewery....or else you will end up like this...

Cheers !