May 24, 2014

South Korea...Places !...Food !

After the last trip in November, Nyonyachef continues his food xploration again..ROUND 2 ! This time we are going for a food marathon... 

Landed 07:00am in Incheon airport. Drink Korean Rice Wine first before talk...Makgeolli !

Then only I am allowed to eat my breakfast... 

Beef Soup
Lunch Stone Pot Rice and Snail with Bean Paste.
Stone Pot Rice
Snail with Bean Paste

Bulgogi Stew

Raw Crab marinated in Soy Sauce

Dinner ? This was what I remember last...

24 non sleep food and drink marathon !

Let's see what happen in Day 2...

May 5, 2014

Daikon Kimchi (Kkakdugi)

Nyonyachef xplores Korean Food !

My recent trip to Seoul I went food hunting with this guy, my Brother Hwang. Same surname as I am, one born in Korea and the other born in Malaysia. 

I would like to dedicate this post to my Brother Hwang as he took me through a week food marathon and showed me all the food he can find in Seoul. We went xploring all the different types of Kimchi. 

I have xplored, ate it,....and now cook !

Check out this joyous,...humorous,...and not forgetting good looking dude !

Preparation: Daikon (cut into cubes), Green Chilli, Red Chilli, Ginger (minced), Garlic (minced) and Spring Onion (chopped finely)

Once the Daikon, Green Chilli and Red Chilli has been diced, marinate with salt and sugar. Set aside for 20mins. The salt will draw water out from the daikon and making it crunchy.

Drain the water, Throw in the Ginger, Garlic and Spring Onion, Korean Chilli Flakes, Fish Sauce and mix them well.

Store them in a jar and leave it aside at room temperature. Let it ferment for 4-5 days. After that put it in the fridge for another 5 days before consume. 

One Kimchi Jjigae, one Kkakdugi and Rice,....perfect meal !

400g Daikon (cubed)
20g Garlic (minced)
10g Ginger (minced)
20g Spring Onion (minced)
2pcs Green Chilli
2pcs Red Chilli
2tsp Fish Sauce
1tbsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
4 tbsp Chilli Flakes

Welcome Brother Hwang Jae Young to Malaysia food xploration !