April 5, 2014

South Korea...Places !...Food !

Nyonyachef made a vow 10 years ago that he will be back to South Korea !

I always wanted to make a trip to Korea, brings the old wonderful memories back. Why ? I met my god sister there 10 years ago and we took a vow that we will be back....

At last, we managed to celebrate our 10 years anniversary last November.

Check out some of the nice Places and Food that I captured...

Yong Pyong Ski Resort
It look approximately 3 hours drive from Seoul. This place will host the next Winter Olympics in 2018.

Snowing in November ? Snowfall for 3 days, temperature -6C. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Beside visiting some architectural and historical places, Seoul also offer great shopping experiences. 


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South Korea is amazing Man :). This place looks so beautiful I must say and what great places they have for food. Now, this is on my wishlist too.