April 20, 2014

South Korea...Places !...Food !


To my surprise things are relatively cheap and affordable compared to 10 years ago.

If you see this landmark, you are somewhere in Myeongdong. From street walk shopping to branded stuffs. You can also find duty free shopping in most of the departmental stores in Seoul.

When you are in Myeongdong, don't just shop, check out the street food too...

Boiled Snail

Fish Cake Skewer

Rice Cake

The street food you will tend to see lots of Squid, Ginkgo nuts, Sausages, Potatoes and Chestnuts.

Can't resist to try out one of these stalls. Only one Iron Lady mending the stall, she serves fried oyster, squid, octopus, clam, boiled snail, grilled fish, stir fry pork, chicken, gizzard,  liver, fried vegy, rice cake with hot sauce, fry noodle, grilled Ginkgo,...basically EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING ! We ordered beer, she went to the grocery shop and buy. When she is done cooking, she took a glass and drank soju with us. Wow,...PR !

Look for these stalls ! You can locate them at the back street...   

Besides shopping, some of the activities you can do when you are in Seoul, cheese making, ice cream making, learn how to do ice craving or even Kimchi.

Reasons to go back South Korea...Exotic Food !...Shopping !...Interesting Activities ! 

If you ask me,....I will be back !!!

April 5, 2014

South Korea...Places !...Food !

Nyonyachef made a vow 10 years ago that he will be back to South Korea !

I always wanted to make a trip to Korea, brings the old wonderful memories back. Why ? I met my god sister there 10 years ago and we took a vow that we will be back....

At last, we managed to celebrate our 10 years anniversary last November.

Check out some of the nice Places and Food that I captured...

Yong Pyong Ski Resort
It look approximately 3 hours drive from Seoul. This place will host the next Winter Olympics in 2018.

Snowing in November ? Snowfall for 3 days, temperature -6C. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Beside visiting some architectural and historical places, Seoul also offer great shopping experiences.