December 16, 2013

Sambal Sotong (Cuttlefish Sambal)

Again ! Another Sambal dish !

Nyonyachef having a Sambal party !

Sambal Petai, Sambal Udang, Sambal Timun, and now Sambal Sotong, in the making Sambal Kerang...that's if I can find it. 

Why all the Sambal post ? For a worked-out working person and seeking satisfying meal, this is it...simple to dish out a meal and it's appetizing.

Preparation: Cuttlefish, Spice Paste (Blend ChilliShallot, GarlicShrimp Paste)Tamarind (soaked) and Onion.

Heat up oil and saute the blended spice paste in low fire for 30min, or till the oil separates from the spice paste. Add it the Onion and stir for another 2-3min.

Mix in the tamarind juice and let it come to a boil, In goes the Cuttlefish and simmer until is cooked. Season to taste with salt and sugar.

Serve it hot !

Serving for 4paxs

600g Cuttlefish
80g Onion, sliced
30g Tamarind Pulp, soaked
2tbsp Sugar. to taste
1tsp Salt, to taste
200ml Water
4tbsp Oil

Blended Spice Paste
50g Chilli
200g Shallot
20g Garlic
20g Shrimp Paste, toasted


backStreetGluttons said...

Definitely a wonder dish for the impeccable Malaysian 6th PM ( just make sure also comes with kangkong)...

NyonyaChef said...

Oops !...different version