September 14, 2013

Thailand...Places !...Food !

Continue...night falls

After lunch and tea, take an hour to freshen up...then go for massage !

Once you are fully charged, adjourn to Nana Plaza located at Sukhumvit Soi 4. This is my second home ! If you like chilling out with some beers this is THE place. It's a square shape three floors building full of pubs and bars. Caution....ADULTS ONLY !

Before you enter look for this lady by the road side, my long time friend ...

Ask her what can she offer you !!???

Erh...reminder...this it a food blog ! Believe it or not,...she served the best grill meat. The grill beef and pork are my all time favorite. The marinate is simple and yet is tasty. You can get addicted to it. Trust me...I brought some certified food testers along, and they had it for dinner, went for few beers and they insisted to go back for supper.

...Verdict !

If your stomach still has some rooms...

Okay...anyway, one of the food tester already started.

How can anyone resist the temptation of the nasty, bloody, delicious pork innards, or so called spare-parts. Look at the presentation,...a mountain full of pork liver, kidney, lungs, big intestine, small intestine,...pig's heart, bloody blood !! Hehe...not many can take this stuffs.

Look at the bright side, they also have succulent Shrimp Dumpling. 


The finished product. Remember to add in the Thai Basil, Bean Spouts, Miniature Garlic, Fish Sauce, Sugar, Vineger Chilli and Chilli flakes to go with your noodles. That's how I like my noodles served.

This is the first day food marathon in Bangkok. Lot's of food and Singha Beers !

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