February 27, 2013

Lap Cheong (Chinese Sausage)

The post is dedicated to all the Lap Cheong lovers !  There are so many varieties of Lap Cheong sold in Hong Kong or China during the Chinese New Year. Feast your eyes on the beautiful food scenery.

When in Hong Kong I wanted to buy Lap Cheong for Chinese New Year gifts and the lady highly recommended the Goose Liver sausage and the Duck Liver Sausage soaked in Chinese Wine. According to them that's the premium stuff,...then you will have the normal Goose Liver and the Duck Liver Sausage. The most common ones will be the Pork Sausage.

Some sausages come in different sizes and price. I wonder which one should be good ?

Waxed Duck Head with the Neck ? Anyone...please enlighten me if you know what to do with it ! First time to come across these stuffs...

Waxed Pork Belly...ain't that gorgeous. 

Waxed Duck Thigh and Duck Breast.

There are so many varieties of waxed meat, can anyone please share what to do with each of it ?

Once xplored the Chinese Sausages and the Waxed Meat with no idea what to do with it,...what's next ?!!...JUST EAT !

To the people I dedicate this post to...this is not a shopping list ! Ha !

February 1, 2013

Acar Chee Ya Hu (Pickled Mullet Fish)

Another authentic nyonya dish...long lost and forgotten !

Many will say it's tedious but if you are a food lover, you will definitely go an extra mile to  try it...  

Preparation: Deep fry the fish first. Check out my previous post on Chee Ya Hu.
Cut into finely strips : Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Red Chilli and Green Chilli.

Heat up the oil, fry the Turmeric strips till slightly brown. Take out the Turmeric strips and using the same oil, throw in the Garlic and Ginger strips. Fry till golden brown and put aside. 

With the same oil mix the vinegar, sugar, some salt to taste the red chilli and green chilli. Allow the mixture to cool. In a jar add in the fried Chee Ya Hu and pour in the mixture. Make sure the fish are cover with the mixture and leave it overnight.

Garnished with some sesame seed when you want to serve it.

500g Chee Ya Hu
20g Fresh Turmeric
50g Ginger
30g Garlic
2pcs Green Chilli
2pcs Red Chilli
5tbsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
200ml Vinegar
5tbsp Oil 
1tsp Sesame Seed