January 12, 2013

Hong Kong Shrimp Paste

Do you like Shrimp Paste ? If your answer is no,..you might not like this post...

I realize when comes to Shrimp Paste,...it's either you love it or not at all...many cannot pass this stage to xplore more exotic good food, they cannot accept the pungent odor, fishy smelly thing...hygiene issue !?

Anyway, Shrimp Paste is the secret to many good food...Sambal Belachan, Sambal Tumis, All the Curries !...can't do without it ! They come in all sizes, odd sizes, all colors and from all over the places. I like to xplore all of them and this one is from HK.

Normally, Shrimp Paste is used in curries, this one I will just steam with Pork Belly, Chillies, Ginger and Garlic. Simple and easy to make recipe !

Preparations: Cut the Pork Belly into chunks or slices, marinate with Shrimp Paste and some Pepper for 30mins, once ready combine the Ginger, Garlic, Chillies and Water. Steam it for 30mins or till the meat is tender.

Add some Spring Onion, Garlic Oil and Sesame Oil. 

400g Pork Belly, 
1tbsp Shrimp Paste
30g Ginger
10g Garlic
2pcs Chillies
1/4tsp Pepper
100ml Water
1tsp Garlic Oil
1tsp Sesame Oil


backStreetGluttons said...

This looks very pure, soft & tender, definitely morepromising than the smelly ones floating in black
bak kut teh soup

NyonyaChef said...

I call it comfort food. But I still prefer the black smelly one.