November 23, 2012

Yam Duck Soup

Anybody seen this before...?

Well, this is our Malaysian Yam or aka Taro...There are many types of Yam come in all shapes and sizes. Old folks will say this is good for those suffering from heart disease or to control blood pressure level.

Anyway, I am capturing this old recipe that I had it when I was a kiddo. 
Another old dad's old time favorite dish. 

In Hokkien, we called it "Or Ark T'ng"...if you pronounce it faster in Hokkien, it becomes...Crow Soup !!??? And if you translate it in English...
Black Duck Soup.

Preparation: Yam (Skin and cut into chunks), Garlic, Ginger, Duck (blanched)

Heat oil, fry the Yam till golden brown and set aside. Separate wok with 1tbsp of oil, saute the garlic and ginger until fragrant. Pour in the water and bring to a boil.

In goes the duck and let it boil for 15mins before reducing the heat, let it simmer for 30mins. Add in the Yam and let it slowly cooked for another 1hr, or till the Yam is soft.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

This is how my comfort food looks like...try this soup for a change ! 

Serving for 4 paxs

500g Yam, cut into chunks and fry
1kg Duck, blanched
30g Ginger, sliced
20g Garlic, sliced
1tbsp Salt, to taste
1tsp Pepper, to taste
1.5lit Water  

November 14, 2012

My Personal Best...Bak Kut Teh !

This is an interesting topic among Malaysian when you ask which Bak Kut Teh outlet is the best...and the next thing you know they start talking and talking non stop about their experienced where is their best outlet, why and what is so good. 

When you engage this conversation be prepare to xplore and eat ! I was talking to a Klang guy, and true enough he was describing his experience from Klang to Puchong, back to Sungai Way and up to Kepong...on and on. He is definitely a Bak Kut Teh expert, he eats Bak Kut Teh for breakfast, lunch and dinner at different places in a day. 

The next thing you know..."I come and fetch you at 7am this Sunday"...oops this is how fanatic they are.

This is his favorite Bak Kut Teh outlet Kedai Makanan Teck Seong at Jalan Batai Laut, Klang. I have been to the Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh just around the corner but never notice this place. That's because this place open at 6am and finished by 8am. That fast ! Check this out !...ain't that a beauty ?  

This is a classic place, always pack with regulars and the owner will reserved their favorite parts of the meat for the regulars. Standing instruction ! This is really an authentic Bak Kut Teh only meat with soup and a bowl of rice, nothing else. I was there for three consecutive Sundays and we seem to be hooked to this place till now...I say it's worth while trying out.

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Beware of getting hooked to this place...