September 21, 2012

My Personal Best...Balitong !

One day I woke up, and out of the sudden I have this crave for Balitong ! I definitely have not been eating this for ages...why now !!??

I have completely lost touch of all the places that sells Balitong...erh, not many can produced good Balitong.

So I asked around where can I find the Best Balitong and one auntie recommended her favorite place but she couldn't describe exactly where is the will be surprise where !

Check out nyonyachef's hunting adventure for the Best Balitong !

The auntie recommended the place is somewhere in Chew Jetty ! I was born and lived in Penang for 25years and I couldn't find it...why ?!!! As far as I know, there's no restaurant in there for sure...

Check out this place !...It's like a maze in there ! So, asked the locals and they directed me to this place...

Huh !...a house ??!!! The occupants directed me to the kitchen...guess what I have discovered....

There's no's a kitchen ! Home cooked food ! They sells what is available for the day. 

Cool ! My type of food. They merely have just a few dishes; Balitong, Squid and Fish. The auntie chef told me they mainly cater for take away.

What's the verdict ? I have eaten in many places in Penang but I have to say...THIS IS THE BEST !

The freshness, the spices, the taste, everything is prefect !

Now, you know how to SUCK ?!!..If not, you wouldn't enjoy it.   

No regrets ! You must check it out !

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