August 24, 2012

Switzerland...Places !...Food !

Food !

What to eat in Swiss ground ? Cheese and Chocolate ?

It seems the Swiss cuisine has many influence from the French, German and Italian cuisine. You will see lot's of shops selling bread,,..and pasta. Well, the locals popular dish mainly bread and cheese.

Since I was backpacking and could hardly afford,...bread was for every meal !!!...I never had so much bread in my entire life and this post will capture all the bread I had...want to hear my "bread story"....

Beef Baguette Sandwich
 Day 1 Breakfast. Hmm...nice sandwich...Beef Baguette !

Pork Salami Baguette Sandwich
 Day 2 Breakfast. Same cafe...I will have the Pork Salami Baguette...

Cheese with Basil Baguette
 Day 3 Breakfast. Same Cafe...bread !...again !

Self Made Salami with Ham
Well,..what for lunch ?

Shrimp Sandwich
The shrimp and fish sandwiches were tasty and very refreshing...had it for 2 days !   

Chicken Pizza
I had bread, sandwiches, pizza, hotdog...for continuous 3 days until...arghh enough, let's check out some of the fancy restaurant in Lucerne.

I have been passing by this restaurant for the past days, they serve good coffee and they even brew their own thing for sure is this restaurant has wider varieties of food and they have English menu...! 

Rathaus Restaurant and Brewery
Must be good, it's full !    

Swiss Mix Salad with French Dressing

Fried Cod served with Rice and Asparagus Sauce

Veal braised in broth served with Potatoes and Vegetables
Of course the food is superb....ha, the only proper meals in days. You must be wondering how I survived for days with one decent meal and the rest of the day merely...bread !  

Mr Pickwick Pub
Hehe...Liquid diet ! 

A single breakfast bread and coffee cost CHF9, a decent meal cost CHF40, one plain rice cost CHF3, A pint of beer cost CHF3

So, as a first timer backpacking, I had experienced it and now I know how to budget and survive ! I had breakfast, then one beer with bread for lunch (should be bloated by then). By 3 pm, start happy hour till 6pm...well, then, you are almost gone and can't eat dinner anymore, skip dinner and call it a night ! 

You should try it !

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