August 12, 2012

Switzerland...Places !...Food !

Mt Titlis

After going through the maze and seeing the beautiful town of Lucerne,... Nyonyachef goes for a boat ride and mountain climbing.

Actually the best time to visit Lucerne is between June till September, summer time ! Better view during that period. Sad to say I went too early and it's was raining and cloudy.

Lake Lucerne
The rain did not defer me from going for a boat ride ! It was cloudy and can't see much, but the experience was nice...Cold ! It was approximately negative two Degrees Celsius out there, not that cold...but when the wind blew, you can feel the cold breeze soak into your bones.

Lake Lucerne
Actually, I was just exaggerating it wasn't that cold, until....

Mt Titlis
Help !..can't breath !..the air is too cool ! Now the temperature is negative fifteen Degrees Celsius. 

At 10,000 feet high and freaking cold, Erh...I was saved by this...Cup Noodles (Tom Yam Flavour). Hehe ! All the foreigners passing by looking at some "China man" gulping down the cup noodles as if we have been starving for days...

By the way, that was an expensive cup noodle...RM 21++ per mug !!!!

Mt Titlis
 Nyonychef at 10,000 feet high up

 Everything was so white covered with snow. 

Christmas Tree

Popsicle anyone...?

It was beautiful and definitely a good experience, if it wasn't the rain, you will be able to see sunlight when you are on top of the alps and the clouds below you. 

Feels like heaven...


backStreetGluttons said...

This feels like a better heaven than Harbin. Except the 21 tomyam in a cup. Dream came true!

NyonyaChef said...

The place is definitely better than Harbin, but the fun was better in Harbin...