July 1, 2012

Starfish Herbal Soup

Lately I kept losing my voice, so I visited the doctor and he diagnosed my sickness. He gave me a bottle of poison to gargle...good but it came back again.

Well, it seems the western medicine did not work well, so let's try Chinese medicine. The "Sensei" or Chinese doctor gave me a pack of herbal to boil and this is what I get !!

Erh...is that a Starfish swimming in my soup ?!...Exotic !

Has anyone tried cooking Starfish before ?...in the first place, can it be eaten ?  

Well, luckily I am still alive to post this recipe...haha. 

Anyone lost your voice ? You might want to try this soup or medicine. It's very simple to prepare, just throw everything into the boiling water and let it boil for 2hrs.

After having 2 rounds of the soup...I am ok ! It's a miracle !

It taste not too bad, the apple, pear and the corn tend to cover the overall taste, but still a bit of fishy smell though...at least it's better than...

...the previous "Sensei" gave me bugs !! Yucks !! 


25g StarFish
20g Dried Sea Coconut
20g Dried Lily Bulb
20g Kernel

300g Fresh Corn
200g Red Apple
400g Pear
1L Water
1tsp Salt, to taste


petite nyonya said...

wah..very adventurous of you!

NyonyaChef said...

Not adventurous,no choice...no voice!

backStreetGluttons said...

Wah , got special miracle cure for singers now ! You will be rich and famous soon

NyonyaChef said...

Haha, at least now can sing