July 7, 2012

Stuttgart...Places !...Food !

What's in Stuttgart ?

Nyonychef goes Stuttgart to xplore cars and study the history of the famous Porsche and Mercedes, how the automotive industry started. Check out some of the nice cars in the Porsche and Mercedes Museum.

Porsche Museum

Mercedes Museum

If you are a car enthusiast, you ought to check out these places. There are many models that are not found elsewhere. 

Well, once we are done with the automotive industry...let's xlpore another industry...the pubs and restaurants industry ? Erh,..actually it's more like an excuse to go drinking !

Nyonyachef goes pub hopping....

I always love the ambient of the German pubs, the decoration of their bars and not to miss the...German Waitress ! Actually, I was searching for the German Waitress that can carry 8 pints of beer at one go and with their beautiful German dress...like the one I have seen in photos during "Oktoberfest" !!! Sobs !...that's only during Oktoberfest ! Damn, wrong timing !   

Anyway, what a waste ! Like they say...drink up all beers and drown your sorrow !

The beers in Germany are smooth, easy to gulp down and cheap ! You will pay something like 2.50euro per pint....so drink all you can when you are in Germany...there are 1200++ breweries in the whole Germany, so take your time xploring.

Erh, where's the food... 


backStreetGluttons said...

In Msia we also got many authentic alfresco breweries in the plantations. & then also wild boars. But of course we don have big waitresses can carry 8 beers one.

Still, 4 or 5 of these cool petite plantation waitresses can squeeze into sleek Honda no need Porsche or Mercedes

NyonyaChef said...

You are right ! High time to check out the breweries in the plantations.