July 23, 2012

Confinement Food

Anybody about to give birth ?...Don't know what to cook ?...or eat ?

This is the simplest, traditional confinement dish to stir up and it's delicious..I tried it !!?? Erh..not that I have given birth !

It's for those on confinement, try this for a change !...Grandmother recipe !

Slowly charcoal toast or pan fry the Belachan and Salted Kurau (Threadfin) Fish. 

Then pound Galangal and mix with the Belachan. 

Sprinkle some freshly grated pepper.

Serve with hot steam rice. Done ! You can add some fresh turmeric to go with it.

1pc Salted Kurau (Threadfin) Fish
15g Belachan
50g Galangal
1/2tsp Freshly Grated Pepper 

July 21, 2012

Rare Fruit

Has anyone seen this ?...tasted it ?...know what is this called ?

I had this when I was a kid, you can only find this during the "Durian season" and as far as I had xplored, this fruit was found in Balik Pulau, Penang. But now, no sign of it and I am capturing this fruit as one of the rare fruit,...near extinction. 

Till now, I don't even know what's the actual name of this fruit ! In Penang they called it "Buah Bus Stand"(IN HOKKIEN) as in..."bus stop" (TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH) 

Check it out further,...if anyone know this, please enlighten me !

Size similar to a mangoesteen.

When you sliced off the skin, it looks like this....

Cut into half this is what you get....

Discard the seed and cut it into chunks....erh, how to eat it ? 

You will be surprise...

Take 3 of this fruit, mix - 2tbsp Dark Soy Sauce, 1tbsp Sugar, 1tbsp Light Soy Sauce and 1tbsp of Sambal Belachan...this is how we eat it


The fruit itself merely taste sour just like a green raw mango.  

July 13, 2012

Stuttgart...Places !...Food !

Food !

If you are a pork lover, Germany is definitely your must destination. Nyonyachef turned "Porketarian" when he was in Germany,..while his dad is a pure vegetarian in Malaysia ! Haha !

Every meal nyonyachef had was pork...schwein,..and pork ! Check out what he had...

Grilled Pork Spare Ribs with Mexican Spicy Sauce

Grilled Pork Spare Ribs with Mexican Spicy Sauce
It seems this is more famous than the Pork Knuckle. The locals tend to order this, so follow them, nothing can go wrong... 

German Pork Knuckle

Fresh Sauerkraut with Ham 
Normally we would have the fermented sauerkraut, but this is freshly made and it's much tastier. 

Pork Loin with Mushroom Sauce served with Cheese Spatzle

Succulent Beef and Pork Steak with herb butter

This is how it looks like ! Nice ambient, the staffs were very friendly, humourous and helpful. I always like a homely restaurant.

Ochs'n Willi
I was in Stuttgart for 4 days and I was in the same restaurant 3 times trying out most of their famous German dishes. The food was good and worth for money.

You can check out their menu ochsn-willi.de

July 7, 2012

Stuttgart...Places !...Food !

What's in Stuttgart ?

Nyonychef goes Stuttgart to xplore cars and study the history of the famous Porsche and Mercedes, how the automotive industry started. Check out some of the nice cars in the Porsche and Mercedes Museum.

Porsche Museum

Mercedes Museum

If you are a car enthusiast, you ought to check out these places. There are many models that are not found elsewhere. 

Well, once we are done with the automotive industry...let's xlpore another industry...the pubs and restaurants industry ? Erh,..actually it's more like an excuse to go drinking !

Nyonyachef goes pub hopping....

I always love the ambient of the German pubs, the decoration of their bars and not to miss the...German Waitress ! Actually, I was searching for the German Waitress that can carry 8 pints of beer at one go and with their beautiful German dress...like the one I have seen in photos during "Oktoberfest" !!! Sobs !...that's only during Oktoberfest ! Damn, wrong timing !   

Anyway, what a waste ! Like they say...drink up all beers and drown your sorrow !

The beers in Germany are smooth, easy to gulp down and cheap ! You will pay something like 2.50euro per pint....so drink all you can when you are in Germany...there are 1200++ breweries in the whole Germany, so take your time xploring.

Erh, where's the food... 

July 1, 2012

Starfish Herbal Soup

Lately I kept losing my voice, so I visited the doctor and he diagnosed my sickness. He gave me a bottle of poison to gargle...good but it came back again.

Well, it seems the western medicine did not work well, so let's try Chinese medicine. The "Sensei" or Chinese doctor gave me a pack of herbal to boil and this is what I get !!

Erh...is that a Starfish swimming in my soup ?!...Exotic !

Has anyone tried cooking Starfish before ?...in the first place, can it be eaten ?  

Well, luckily I am still alive to post this recipe...haha. 

Anyone lost your voice ? You might want to try this soup or medicine. It's very simple to prepare, just throw everything into the boiling water and let it boil for 2hrs.

After having 2 rounds of the soup...I am ok ! It's a miracle !

It taste not too bad, the apple, pear and the corn tend to cover the overall taste, but still a bit of fishy smell though...at least it's better than...

...the previous "Sensei" gave me bugs !! Yucks !! 


25g StarFish
20g Dried Sea Coconut
20g Dried Lily Bulb
20g Kernel

300g Fresh Corn
200g Red Apple
400g Pear
1L Water
1tsp Salt, to taste