June 22, 2012

Taiwan...Places !...Food !


Check out the Second Part of Taiwan..."Food"

Like I said...they are creative,...bold...and exotic !

Stinky Tofu at Jiufen

 Fermented Tofu with strong odor....my all time favourite ! A MUST you if dare...

Stinky Tofu Stall at Jiufen
...many have failed ! Even "one of" the team bsg failed !!..membership soon revoked !!

Noodles stall at Jiufen

Sighted...one of the team bsg trying to recover his taste bud from the strong stinky tofu odor by eating noodles. 

Chinese Oil Stick with Soy Milk

team bsg and nyonyachef sighted having Yau Char Kway at Wulai Old Street

Taiwanese Grilled Escargot at Jiufen

Onion with Thai sauce
Imagine you are having rice and one of the dish is just...onion with few strips of lean meat covered with sweet and sour sauce....BOLD !

Next place...Shilin Night Market the food paradise hub with more than 500 food stalls. Famous for it's Fried Chicken Steak, Oyster Omelet, Herbal Noodles, Sausages, Stinky Tofu, Fried Meat Bun, Oyster Vermicelli and many many more....

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market

Taiwan Fried Chicken Steak
The famous Fried Chicken stall at any point of time 50 people queuing

Oyster Omelet

Oyster Vermicelli

Taiwanese Sausage

Shilin Night Market Stall

Grilled Exotic Stuffs

Chicken Backside

Acquired taste,....the exotic "bishop nose"...chicken ass !

Grilled Chicken Skin

Grilled Chicken Heart

Frog Eggs ?
Frog Eggs for dessert ??!!...erh...dunno what it is...taste like sour and sweet jelly.

Beef Noodles
Famous dish in Taiwan. You can find it every corner of Taipei.

White Bitter Gourd

I have seen different sizes of Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon but never a white one...

Fruit Stall
Check out the colorful fruit presentation

Some of the Restaurant Food: Deep Fried Shrimp, Squid Salad, Soft Shell Crab, Smoked Duck, Drunken Prawn, Lotus Rice
The food photos shown were actually xplored, tasted and consumed within 2 hours food marathon in Shilin Night Market.

There are many more places and much more exotic food to be xplore in Taiwan and... 

....Must go back"

June 16, 2012

Taiwan...Places !...Food !


So near...yet so far !

I have xplored many places and this is one of the destination I have neglected....maybe, coz many had went and not much commentaries from them,..."ok loh"..."not much sight seeing"...food...ok,..ok only loh !

To my surprise ! It's a MUST...MUST...destination ! The places, the culture, the food...bits resemble the Japanese...and the Chinese. Talking about food, the Taiwanese are creative and bold with their food...not to mention...exotic !

Check out the first part of Taiwan..."Places"

Yehliu GeoPark
Nyonyachef landed in Taiwan...let's go swimming !

Yehliu Geopark
Erh...where's the the beach ?

Unusual...natural landscaping

    Check out the Hot Spring Resort.... 

Spring City Resort Beitou

Your personal Hot Spring in your room !

Jiufen Old Street
There are many wooden architecture tea houses like this in Jiufen. You are suppose to have tea, relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

5 minutes later,...erh....you sell beer ?

Jiufen Old Street
Shopping ? Must go place ! Jiufen Old Street located North Taipei

Jiufen Old Street
There are plenty of souvenir shops, tea shops, and food shop....

Mushroom Stall
 ..erh,...exotic food stalls

Some of the places with beautiful scenery a must to check it out....

Wulai Aboriginal Village 

If you are there,...do check out the Tai Ya Tribe Cultural Dance Show...

Wulai Old Street

...and also the natural hot water springs

Wulai Old Street
Very scenic and a good place for relaxation. 

Back to the city...

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
 Taipei 101

Taipei 101
So sad...it was raining and cloudy....can't see anything !...arghh

Time permits me to cover merely the northern part of Taiwan,..."I'll be back"  

next...what i eat

June 3, 2012

Foreign & Exotic

Check out this exotic dish !

As I was going through my fridge guess what I found !!???

A piece of weird looking meat. Again !...Where the @#$% did it come from...

Let's take a closer look....

Can anyone help me out here...looks like a slice of pork chop...erh, also like chicken ...Well, I need to cook it anyway. 

Let's bring in the ingredients...

Preparation: Meat, Onion, Tomatoes, Garlic, Ginger, Bird Eye Chilli, Calamansi, Meat Curry Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder, Fennel Powder, Turmeric Power and All Spice Powder. 

Heat up the oil, saute the Garlic, Ginger and the Onion until fragrant. Add in the Bird Eye Chilli and all the powders. Stir fry for another 5min. 

Throw in the Meat and Tomatoes, fry for a 2min before adding Chicken Stock. 

Lower heat and simmer for 20min. Season with Salt, Sugar and Calamansi Juice.

Garnish with Coriander Leaves. Serve immediately with steam rice or bread.

Serving for 4paxs

650g Meat ?
10g Garlic, pound
10g Ginger, pound
150g Tomatoes, diced 
100g Onion, sliced
2tbsp  Meat Curry Powder
1tbsp Cumin Powder
2tbsp Coriander Powder
1/2tsp Turmeric Powder
1/2tsp All Spice Powder
1/2tsp Fennel Powder
5g Bird Eye Chilli, pound
10g Calamansi
300ml Chicken Stock
5tbsp Oil
1tbsp Sugar
1/2tbsp Salt
1pc Coriander Leaves

I served this dish to my friends and they loved it...I told them it's chicken ! Tasted a bit chewy though. Some asked me whether it's beef or pork...they finished everything, so no big deal....

until I found a plastic wrapper stuck in one corner of my fridge !

O..M..G !