May 13, 2012

Hangzhou..Places !..Food !

Disappeared for ages ? ?!!!

Check out where Nyonyahef have been xploring for ages !

As I started my earlier post on..."Travel the world in 80 days" and I realized there were not many pictures as...believe it or not...erh...I don't even bring my camera...what a waste ! 

Well, I will capture and share with you some of the interesting places and exotic food I had xplored in the next few posts.

Check it out ! 

Hangzhou...Places to go ?...You will never miss this's the central of attraction.

West Lake
Night entertainment ?

Song Dynasty Town
Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town is a famous themed park. The whole town exhibits the olden days architecture with diversity of themes and highlights.

Liquor Shop
This is the place to get drunk !

Street Food
The whole ambient makes you feel like you are in the ancient days.

Song Dynasty Street Food
So this is what team bsg do best eventhough they are 900 years back ?...Never complete without a cold Tsingtao

Hangzhou Romance of Song Dynasty Show
Imagine...they have performed more than ten thousand times for more than twenty five millions audiences...what say you...Hangzhou Romance of Song Dynasty. A must to xplore !

Food to explore ?

LongJing Shrimp
I have people commenting that the shrimp is so small !??...Do not mislead by the size... the miniature shrimp is sweet and tasty !

West Lake Vinegar Fish 

Dongpo Pork
Thing's to buy...

LongJing Tea
Longjing Tea !...A must !

LongJing Tea Plantation

Check out the next attraction....

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