May 25, 2012

Perth...Places !...Food !


It's an ideal place to relax. 

Ten years ago nyonyachef was here and he vowed " I'll be back" This time I'll bring along my camera !!!! The last time I was there and I merely had one pathetic photo !...arghh !

What to do there ? You'll see...

Perth City Center
  Beautiful scenery...right !


Cicerello Fremantle
When you are there,....check out the Fish and Chips....

Fish and Chips
When you are done proceed to....

Fremantle Local Brewery
Beer competition !...after lunch ? There's wide range of beers which one is good ?

Fremantle Local Brewery
Want to know ?....Well, just order everything they have !...Ha !

If you have not can continue with wain testing in River Bank Estate !  

River Bank Estate

Once you had to much to drink...adjourn to Miss Maud Restaurant for seafood buffet.  

Miss Maud Restaurant

They really have quite a wide range of seafood there.


Just eat, drink, and relax !

Where's next ?...go back north !


leo said...

Hi there stumbled across your blog while looking up kiam bak chang on Google. I'm of Penang Nyonya descent too and your dishes certainly ring a bell of familiarity. :)

Keep it up and happy travels! Will be most pleased to be in touch and exchange some points or two.

NyonyaChef said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by

backStreetGluttons said...

lobsters, oysters...phewww !
+Freemantle beer(s)

what more a man wants ?

NyonyaChef said... and wine is there, what's missing is what you want and what I want !!??