December 29, 2012

Portobello Mushroom

Gigantic Mushroom for snack !...Anyone ?

Found some gigantic mushrooms from London hidden in my fridge, let's see what other things I have to go with them...

Well, let's stuffed it with some Tomatoes, Onions, Bacon, Mixed Herbs and Cheese

Wipe clean the mushroom and put aside. On a pan, drizzle some olive oil, saute the Bacon, Mixed Herbs, Onions and Tomatoes for 2min. 

Place the mixtures into the mushroom cap, sprinkle some salt and pepper. Cover with some cheese.

Preheat oven at 200degrees Celsius. In goes the mushroom and let it bake for approximately 8-10mins or till the cheese melted.

Simple..Juicy..and Delicious snack ! Where I come from,..this will be an exclusive treat ! 

5 Portobello Mushroom
2 Onions, finely chopped
2 Tomatoes, finely chopped
50g Bacon, bits size
1/2 Salt
1/2 Freshly Ground Black Pepper
1tsp Mixed Herbs
2tsp Olive Oil
1/2cup Mozzarella Cheese

December 15, 2012

Dried Shrimps with Shallots

A Dip or a Dish ?

Simple to make with simple ingredients ! I was in Penang recently patronizing some interesting drinking joints and my friend wants to have supper...Teochew porridge !... anyone ?!!

And this was served. After a long drinking session everything should be tasteless...but after 
a few serving, it seems I was only eating the porridge with this dip or dish. Hmm...this is not my first time eating this but as I recalled this was always a dip ! 

A dip which goes with barbeque pork or fish...maybe it was the beer that altered my taste bud. Let's recall this dip or dish...      

Preparation: Dried Shrimps, Shallots, Calamansi, Chilli Padi

Combined all the ingredients together, a dash of vinegar, sugar to taste and water.

You tell me !...I this A Dip or A Dish ?

50g Dried Shrimps (Rinsed & fry)
50g Shallots (Chopped finely)
2pcs Chilli Padi (Chopped finely)
2tsp Calamansi
2tsp Vinegar
1tsp Sugar
5tbsp Water  

December 3, 2012

Tamarind Fried Egg

Getting bored just having fried egg for dinner ?

Let's improvised ! My outlaw was telling me about this nyonya egg dish which was quite foreign to me. They were explaining to me there was this nyonya dish which was long forgotten as nobody seems to appreciate it !

Have you seen this ?

Easy, refreshing and appetizing dish !

Preparation: Eggs, Garlic, Tomatoes, Onions, Red Chilli and Tamarind Pulp.

Fried the Eggs and set aside. Saute the Garlic and Onions for 2min. Add in the Tamarind juice, Tomatoes, Red Chilli and bring to a boil. Throw in the eggs, add sugar, salt and pepper to taste.    

The sweet and sour taste will make the eggs come alive,'s damn appetizing ! Try it for a change !


3 Eggs
20g Garlic, sliced
50g Onion, chopped into cubes
50g Tomatoes, halved

1pc Red Chilli, sliced 
30g Tamarind Pulp, soaked into water
200ml Water
1/2tsp Salt, to taste
1tbsp Sugar, to taste
1/2tsp Pepper
1/2cup Oil

November 23, 2012

Yam Duck Soup

Anybody seen this before...?

Well, this is our Malaysian Yam or aka Taro...There are many types of Yam come in all shapes and sizes. Old folks will say this is good for those suffering from heart disease or to control blood pressure level.

Anyway, I am capturing this old recipe that I had it when I was a kiddo. 
Another old dad's old time favorite dish. 

In Hokkien, we called it "Or Ark T'ng"...if you pronounce it faster in Hokkien, it becomes...Crow Soup !!??? And if you translate it in English...
Black Duck Soup.

Preparation: Yam (Skin and cut into chunks), Garlic, Ginger, Duck (blanched)

Heat oil, fry the Yam till golden brown and set aside. Separate wok with 1tbsp of oil, saute the garlic and ginger until fragrant. Pour in the water and bring to a boil.

In goes the duck and let it boil for 15mins before reducing the heat, let it simmer for 30mins. Add in the Yam and let it slowly cooked for another 1hr, or till the Yam is soft.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

This is how my comfort food looks like...try this soup for a change ! 

Serving for 4 paxs

500g Yam, cut into chunks and fry
1kg Duck, blanched
30g Ginger, sliced
20g Garlic, sliced
1tbsp Salt, to taste
1tsp Pepper, to taste
1.5lit Water  

November 14, 2012

My Personal Best...Bak Kut Teh !

This is an interesting topic among Malaysian when you ask which Bak Kut Teh outlet is the best...and the next thing you know they start talking and talking non stop about their experienced where is their best outlet, why and what is so good. 

When you engage this conversation be prepare to xplore and eat ! I was talking to a Klang guy, and true enough he was describing his experience from Klang to Puchong, back to Sungai Way and up to Kepong...on and on. He is definitely a Bak Kut Teh expert, he eats Bak Kut Teh for breakfast, lunch and dinner at different places in a day. 

The next thing you know..."I come and fetch you at 7am this Sunday"...oops this is how fanatic they are.

This is his favorite Bak Kut Teh outlet Kedai Makanan Teck Seong at Jalan Batai Laut, Klang. I have been to the Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh just around the corner but never notice this place. That's because this place open at 6am and finished by 8am. That fast ! Check this out !...ain't that a beauty ?  

This is a classic place, always pack with regulars and the owner will reserved their favorite parts of the meat for the regulars. Standing instruction ! This is really an authentic Bak Kut Teh only meat with soup and a bowl of rice, nothing else. I was there for three consecutive Sundays and we seem to be hooked to this place till now...I say it's worth while trying out.

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Beware of getting hooked to this place... 

October 28, 2012

Salted Fish Bone Soup (Kiam Hu Kut T'ng)

Have you seen this soup lately...Hmm..another extinct species of Nyonya dish!   

If you are a fan of salted should love this

Preparation: Salted Fish Bone (normally use Kurau Fish) soaked in water for at least 10min, Tofu, Dried Shrimp, Spring Onion, Pork Belly, Ginger and Garlic

Heat up oil and deep fry the Salted Fish Bone till slightly golden brown. Drain and put aside.

With a tablespoon of the used oil, saute the garlic and ginger for 2min or till fragrant. Add it the Pork Belly and the Dried Shrimp. Stir fry for 2-3min.

Pour in the water and let it come to a boil. In goes the Salted Fish Bone and simmer for  few minutes before you gently throw in the tofu. Garnish with Spring Onion. 

Done ! simple and fast...if you like Salted Fish Bone you can also check out the recipe for Kiam Hu Kut Curry

Serving for 4paxs

200g Salted Kurau Fish Bone, soaked
1pc Tofu, cube
10g Garlic, chopped
30g Ginger, chopped finely 
100g Pork Belly, cut into strips
30g Dried Shrimp, soaked
1L Water
1/2cup Oil
1pc Spring Onion

October 13, 2012

My Personal Best...Loh Mee !

Another one my favorite back street food in Penang...Loh Mee !

To my buddies in KL,...Penang Loh Mee is not the same ! The Loh Mee is Penang is dark in color and the ingredients are totally different. You will have rice noodle and egg noodle in  a flavored starchy gravy, topped with hard boiled egg, chicken feet, pork skin, pork slices, pork ribs, bean sprouts, pork intestines and much, much more...     

In Penang, there are many places you can have good Loh Mee. Some would say the one next to the Kuan Yin Temple (Hai Beng Coffeeshop) or one of the kopitiam in Jalan Perak (Joo Huat) served the best Loh Mee, but my Personal Best would be here...

One hidden stall located ground floor of an apartment. 

This is how the stalls looks like, you might find it a bit tricky to locate for the first time.

Just ask the locals there...Oii..."Where to find Loh Mee stall managed by a team of gorgeous girls in white shorts and t-shirts" ??!...Now you know why this place is my Personal Best !  

Beside the girls in tight white uniform !...I find the Loh Mee gravy is tastier, comes with more optional varieties of toppings and the vinegared garlic is more concentrated.

You should check it out !

Ewe Hokkien Mee and Loh Mee located at Block 1-G-1, Taman Sri Bunga, Jelutong, Penang.

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October 1, 2012

Chee Ya Hu (Mullet Fish)

Another rare dish in KL...Deep Fried Chee Ya Hu (In Hokkien) or Deep Fried Mullet Fish

I used to have it when young in Penang, I am sure some of the fishing village would have it but seldom see this in KL. When I shared this with my friends in KL,...non can describe or imagine how it looks like...or to cook it.

Found this in Kuala Selangor. Out of dozen of stalls and only one stall is selling this ! This is how rare it is...the fish monger was telling me this fish is nice to eat, sweet but difficult and time consuming to prepare.

Well, It has been ages I was looking for this and was so dying to have it !,..Buy ! One kg was only RM5. Make sure you pick the fat ones...with the roe in it !

This is how it looks like !

Chee Ya Hu
The time consuming part was to remove the scales. Other than that...simple !

Preparation: Remove scales, wash, pat dry the fish, marinate with salt, pepper and Turmeric Powder and put aside for 15min. 

Heat up 1cup of oil, deep fry the fish in medium to high fire for 5-8min.

That's all folks !...Another beer food !

You can opt to make a dipping sauce to go with the Chee Ya Hu.

Just add 3shallots(sliced), 2tbsp Dark Soy Sauce, 1tbsp Light Soy Sauce, 2tbsp Calamasi Juice, 1tsp Sugar, 1tsp Belachan(toasted & pound) 

500g Chee Ya Hu
1tsp Salt
1/2tsp Pepper
1tsp Turmeric Powder

1cup Oil

September 21, 2012

My Personal Best...Balitong !

One day I woke up, and out of the sudden I have this crave for Balitong ! I definitely have not been eating this for ages...why now !!??

I have completely lost touch of all the places that sells Balitong...erh, not many can produced good Balitong.

So I asked around where can I find the Best Balitong and one auntie recommended her favorite place but she couldn't describe exactly where is the will be surprise where !

Check out nyonyachef's hunting adventure for the Best Balitong !

The auntie recommended the place is somewhere in Chew Jetty ! I was born and lived in Penang for 25years and I couldn't find it...why ?!!! As far as I know, there's no restaurant in there for sure...

Check out this place !...It's like a maze in there ! So, asked the locals and they directed me to this place...

Huh !...a house ??!!! The occupants directed me to the kitchen...guess what I have discovered....

There's no's a kitchen ! Home cooked food ! They sells what is available for the day. 

Cool ! My type of food. They merely have just a few dishes; Balitong, Squid and Fish. The auntie chef told me they mainly cater for take away.

What's the verdict ? I have eaten in many places in Penang but I have to say...THIS IS THE BEST !

The freshness, the spices, the taste, everything is prefect !

Now, you know how to SUCK ?!!..If not, you wouldn't enjoy it.   

No regrets ! You must check it out !

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September 8, 2012

Steamed Crab

How do you like your crab ?

No.1 I like female crab ! They have eggs.

No.2 I like mine just steam ! This way you can taste the true sweetness of the female crab.

Simple preparation ! Live crab, stab it right in the middle of the abdomen and it's stop moving ! Rinse it.

In a wok, place in the crab, pour one cup of water, add a pinch of salt, few ginger slice and spring onion. Cover the wok with the lid and let the water come to a boil. Approximately, 20min the water will dry up by then...   

Mud Crab
...Voila ! Look at how beautiful and delicious my female crabs !

That's not all....

Crab Roe
 Let me tell you...It's really juicy ! This is how I like my crab...hungry ? 

2kg Mud Crab
1tsp Salt
10g Ginger
10g Spring Onion
300ml Water

September 1, 2012

My Personal Best !...Fish Head Curry

Where's your best Fish Head Curry you had ever eaten ?

Everyone will have their own liking, personal best is this place !

Chee Wah at 68, Lebuh Melayu in Penang operated since 1986. I have been patronizing this place for the past 20 years and I am capturing this as my personal Best Fish Head Curry !

Check it out if you dare...

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August 24, 2012

Switzerland...Places !...Food !

Food !

What to eat in Swiss ground ? Cheese and Chocolate ?

It seems the Swiss cuisine has many influence from the French, German and Italian cuisine. You will see lot's of shops selling bread,,..and pasta. Well, the locals popular dish mainly bread and cheese.

Since I was backpacking and could hardly afford,...bread was for every meal !!!...I never had so much bread in my entire life and this post will capture all the bread I had...want to hear my "bread story"....

Beef Baguette Sandwich
 Day 1 Breakfast. Hmm...nice sandwich...Beef Baguette !

Pork Salami Baguette Sandwich
 Day 2 Breakfast. Same cafe...I will have the Pork Salami Baguette...

Cheese with Basil Baguette
 Day 3 Breakfast. Same Cafe...bread !...again !

Self Made Salami with Ham
Well,..what for lunch ?

Shrimp Sandwich
The shrimp and fish sandwiches were tasty and very refreshing...had it for 2 days !   

Chicken Pizza
I had bread, sandwiches, pizza, hotdog...for continuous 3 days until...arghh enough, let's check out some of the fancy restaurant in Lucerne.

I have been passing by this restaurant for the past days, they serve good coffee and they even brew their own thing for sure is this restaurant has wider varieties of food and they have English menu...! 

Rathaus Restaurant and Brewery
Must be good, it's full !    

Swiss Mix Salad with French Dressing

Fried Cod served with Rice and Asparagus Sauce

Veal braised in broth served with Potatoes and Vegetables
Of course the food is superb....ha, the only proper meals in days. You must be wondering how I survived for days with one decent meal and the rest of the day merely...bread !  

Mr Pickwick Pub
Hehe...Liquid diet ! 

A single breakfast bread and coffee cost CHF9, a decent meal cost CHF40, one plain rice cost CHF3, A pint of beer cost CHF3

So, as a first timer backpacking, I had experienced it and now I know how to budget and survive ! I had breakfast, then one beer with bread for lunch (should be bloated by then). By 3 pm, start happy hour till 6pm...well, then, you are almost gone and can't eat dinner anymore, skip dinner and call it a night ! 

You should try it !

August 12, 2012

Switzerland...Places !...Food !

Mt Titlis

After going through the maze and seeing the beautiful town of Lucerne,... Nyonyachef goes for a boat ride and mountain climbing.

Actually the best time to visit Lucerne is between June till September, summer time ! Better view during that period. Sad to say I went too early and it's was raining and cloudy.

Lake Lucerne
The rain did not defer me from going for a boat ride ! It was cloudy and can't see much, but the experience was nice...Cold ! It was approximately negative two Degrees Celsius out there, not that cold...but when the wind blew, you can feel the cold breeze soak into your bones.

Lake Lucerne
Actually, I was just exaggerating it wasn't that cold, until....

Mt Titlis
Help !..can't breath !..the air is too cool ! Now the temperature is negative fifteen Degrees Celsius. 

At 10,000 feet high and freaking cold, Erh...I was saved by this...Cup Noodles (Tom Yam Flavour). Hehe ! All the foreigners passing by looking at some "China man" gulping down the cup noodles as if we have been starving for days...

By the way, that was an expensive cup noodle...RM 21++ per mug !!!!

Mt Titlis
 Nyonychef at 10,000 feet high up

 Everything was so white covered with snow. 

Christmas Tree

Popsicle anyone...?

It was beautiful and definitely a good experience, if it wasn't the rain, you will be able to see sunlight when you are on top of the alps and the clouds below you. 

Feels like heaven...