April 1, 2010

So Much Yet So Little

Would you believe it, if I tell you all these ingredients....approximately 20+ of them and 4 hours preparing and cooking.... 

....this is all you get !!??? Imagine all the hard work, and gone within seconds into the stomach !!???

....so why cook it ? 

This dish is getting rare these days, eventhough you can find in some of the nyonya restaurants,...it no longer has the authentic taste anymore. I have xplore most of the nyonya restaurants in Klang Valley and not to my liking. Furthermore, for this small bowl you see will cost you about RM 15.00 to RM 18.00....now you know for all the hard work this is the price you pay for. 

Why so expensive ? Well, it's like chicken and egg story ! Because it's time consuming and the ingredients are hard to find,...the price is high,....so when the price is high,....people might not want to eat this....so where does this lead to....extinction !...of it's kind ! The new generation don't even know what is this !

So, before this dish disappear from our menu, I start to learn the recipe, introduce to all my food connoisseurs....and pass the recipe around. 

Try it out and share with your friends the recipe Perut Ikan.

Trust me,...no regrets !