March 29, 2010

Thai Shrimp Paste

Try to go green ???!!!! I always love green, green raw veggies with sambal belachan,...but not everyone can accept having just green without any other dish. Well, sambal belachan is tasty and a pungent dip to go with, cincalok or budu would be lovely too,....but I have tried most of it and running out of choice.

So let xplore what other choice we have ! I was in Thailand a few days ago and I came across some cute looking containers look like this...

Looks suspicious and tempting ! Let's see what can we do with this !!!???

Preparation: Dried shrimp (Soaked), Garlic, Tiny Eggplant, Thai Shrimp Paste, Chillies
Smashed the Dried Shrimp, Garlic, Tiny Eggplant, Thai Shrimp Paste and Chillies in a mortar or pestle.

Mixed all the ingredients and add in Fish Sauce, Brown Sugar and Lime Juice. 

Voila ! Done !

This is how it looks like. Taste pungent, sweet, sour, salty and HOT !

Serve with steamed rice and raw veggies. Healthy stuff ! Try this for a change !