November 23, 2009

Nyonyachef Xplore Exotic Food

I always wonder...If one is a glutton or a food connoisseur how do you know whether the food is good or not if you have not try anything and everything that is foreign or exotic to you ?!!

In Thailand...the locals eating insects, The fetus, In, snake or any/every animals with the "back facing the sky"...and much more.

We tend to look at things and commented good, delicious, Mmmm or....Yucks ! How do you know if you don't try or xplore....!

Glutton ?....Let's go to the extreme to find out how far your stomach can take it !

Dare...or...Not ! Let's xplore ! Get ready the first aid kit !

First stop...what the +x@-!#...ugly, slimy, disgusting, indecent thing

Sea Worm ?'s only RMB 58

Second stop...something crawling out....suddenly caught my attention !

Water Bug ? Only RMB 33 for 50g....not cheap, must be a delicacy in China !!!!

Lunch is served,....Stir Fry Water Bug with Spicy Sauce ! Hehe....I actually frightened everyone in the dining room...they ran out...Glutton ?!!!

Actually it taste crunchy and tasteless ! It's the spicy sauce that gave it a boost.

You should try anything and everything the locals eat then you can be the judge of it !

November 21, 2009

Nyonyachef Xplore Food in China

It's amazing to xplore all the food in China, with wide range of varieties and techniques of cooking just like in Malaysia we have Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, Sichuan, Foo Chow styles,..and many more but many have been altered or mixed due to the crossed breed among which one is the original....unknown....Want to find out ? Fly to China !

I landed in one of the main city in China and my task was to taste at least 200 varieties of food all over China within 5 days,...40 varieties a day,...20 dishes per meal,...and not over eat cause I still need to try some of the thousand types of beer in China...Trying !

Check out some of the few highly rated authentic dish chosen by the gluttons....

The Seafood

Steam Fish with Fermented Bean, Shrimp with Long Jing Tea Leaves, Boiled Hangzhou Shrimp, Steam Carp with Spicy Sauce, Deep Fry Butter Prawn Mantis, Stir Fry Lala with Chinese Herbs, Crab with Sweet Sauce, Baked Shrimp with Salt, Deep Fry Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce.

Nothing extraordinary about the seafood when you are in somewhere near the mountain side. We had fish, Prawn Mantis, Crab, Lala, Prawn & many, many, more. Most gluttons commented on the fish....Fishy ! Muddy smell ! and blah...blah...blah, but the cooking was delicious and very tasty.

The miniature prawn seems tiny but tasty, where's the big one ? Nowhere to be seen in this part of the world !

The Meat

Tong Po Meat, Beggars Chicken, Pork Leg with dark soy, Peking Duck, Pork with Preserved Veggie, Mince Pork with Salty Mustard, Chinese Ham with Beancurd, Sweet & Sour Pork Rib.

Among all the meat dishes, the Tong Po Meat was the main highlight.

The Veggie

Golden Pumpkin with Pork Ribs, Stir Fry Mushroom with Oyster Sauce, Plain White Radish, Cabbage Soup with Chinese Ham, Plain Cucumber, Plain Cucumber with Cream Mustard Sauce, Peanuts with Sour Plum, Stir Fry Pak Choy with Soy, Celery with Chinese Sausage.

We had at least 5 veggies per meal and these are the highly rated ones,...based on tasty, freshness and artistic cooking techniques....and the Golden Pumpkin was simple but very tasty. I can't remember why they chose the cucumber,...maybe most of the the veggie dishes were a bit on the oily side and salty.

The Authentic....

Out of the 200 ++ dishes, somehow these were the best...of the best. Tong Po Meat, Shanghainese Siew Long Pau, Hangzhou Bak Chang, Wuzhen Lamb Noodles, Steam Egg with Tiny Shrimp, Duck's Tongue.

The Wuzhen Lamb Noodles was the main hit. Hot spicy and damn tasty !

The Steam Egg with Tiny Shrimps was a surprise to us, the tiny shrimp looks like the Fermented Shrimps (Cincalok)

The Exotic Duck's Tongue was a delicacy indeed.

The Season....

Hairy was on season, never miss it for the world. the exotica !

November 12, 2009

Foo Chow's Time

After a long's done !

Dedicated to all the Foo Chows for their wonderful food and recipes....

After taking a journey to the North, back to where most of our ancestors came from and came back down to the South where most of the Foo Chows are residing....after much, much, more xploring,....finally this is what we have....the fundamental secret recipe for making a healthy, delicious dish....The Ang Chiew (Red Wine)

Cheers ! Sweet and Strong ! Erh....don't really advise for drinking !

From the process you will have two goodies....

The residue: The Foo Chows would turn this leftover together with some ginger and chicken into a delicious dish ! Stir Fry Chicken with Red Wine.

The cream after the filtration process: Fuzhou Red Wine for stirring up a healthy Ang Chiew Mee Suah. It is suppose to be taken by those Ah Nya's during their confinement period !

Check out Fuzhou Red Wine for the recipe