September 27, 2009

Nyonyachef landed in Frankfurt II

Day II...Nyonyachef started off by exploring what the locals have for breakfast. Let's see where they go...!

It was a Sunday morning 8am and the town was already swarming with people, but they all seemed heading the same direction.

Found them....!

...all gathered around the mobile vans !..."Mobile Meat Van" with all sorts of pork !

Sausages or wurst...hooo ! That's their usual breakfast, not like back home where you can have Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Pau, Tim Sum, Char Bee Hon...etc.

I found they too have many varieties,...sausages with sauerkraut & mustards, plain sausages, bacon, ham, boiled or fried pork leg, boiled pork ears, boiled pork tongue...etc. Interesting...all pork !

Let's join them, I ordered a giant sausage with bread and.....

....pork cheek !...and soup of the day....bone marrow soup ! It seemed to be the locals delicacy, neighbours are having it, so are most of the tables.

Nyonyachef xplores...and eats...the pork soft ! The soup taste...raw ! They soaked the bread in the soup and eat it...."lecker",...but...erh, I think I need something to wash it down...

Well,...what can I say....the soup taste raw (bloody smell) to me. I need my medicine !

Two days in the row, breakfast with beer.....

Nyonyachef sitting at the backstreet enjoying his beer while waiting for brunch.

Course 1; Meat spread with some spices and herbs. Goes with bread.

Course 2; Mushroom with cream sauce and fries.

Course 3; Pork Knuckle with sauerkraut...most of the German restaurants in Malaysia served this...crispy version.

Course 4; Two Foot Long Beef Sausage with some potatoes.

Course 5; Meat Balls made of Liver with herbs and Red Wine sauce.

A bit weird right ?!!! These 5course dishes are actually main course,....what can I say, it's all in German !....I can't read....I just point at the beautiful pictures on the menu and these are what I ordered.

What was in Nyonyachef's mind and how he made his decisions on what to order.....

Course 1; looks so cute with the pretzel sticking on top, how the heck I know it's meat spread !??
Course 2; mushroom and fries = appetizer with beer...good..erh...right choice !...order !
Course 3; pork knuckle, right choice...small portion just nice !
Course 4; ok...never seen such a long sausage,....longest I ever seen ! order !
Course 5; beef balls should be safe ! orderlah ! Why..? How the heck you find liver balls !

Luckily I had two more gluttons with me,...but they don't take exotic stuffs !

Well,....just xplore !


msihua said...

Ahahaha.. i like your plan of ordering via pictures!!

Was it expensive?

NyonyaChef said...

In foreign places just have to order what you can see...hehe.

Ranges from 7 to 18 Euro...i think...

The Little Teochew said...

LOLOLOL! Really hilarious! But that fries smothered in mushroom cream sauce is truly a sight to behold. Yums ...

PS: Typing with yellow fingers now.

backStreetGluttons said...

We have not been to the Curve's German BeersausagkanautroX near the Laundry list , this shud be next with 500 ... then the high tales of frankfurt-ress will flow like heavenly paradise

NyonyaChef said...

The Little Teochew,

I only had the tasty mushroom but I can't recall having the fries....

PS: Apply some talcum powder and rub off the oily turmeric, then wash with soup.


Let's go there before the October Fest....