September 6, 2009

Nyonyachef check out Sydney

Nyonyachef check out some of the main attractions in Sydney

First stop !

The Gap, an ocean cliff located in the east of Sydney. Beautiful view of the sea,...too beautiful that you might feel like jumping into the sea....!!??? The locals somehow picked The Gap as a suicide location. As least 50 suicidal cases a year. Hmmm...

Another place that you must not miss...Port Stephens ! A place sighted with Dolphin with many wonderful bays and beaches along the coastline hosting beautiful landscape views. Port Stephens has remained relatively unspoilt, avoiding the high-rise rush adopted by other areas along the NSW coast. Just drive towards north of Sydney for two and a half hours and you will reach the beautiful port. Check it out !

Once you are at Port Stephen, don't miss the opportunity to go skiing..?..Snow ?!!..Sand !

It's actually called "sand boarding" Interesting, first, I was like, way I am going down !...."chicken"....all the ladies just jumped down with the sand board.

150m all the way down !? Well, finally I have to go down,....without choice !...if not, how to face all the ladies. It's fun though....but I don't really know how much sand I have swallowed.

Hmmm....I remember there were 4 of us slid down,....erh...why there's additional sand board on the ground !? One person missing....Must be eaten by the quicksand ???

Some parts of it....this looks exactly like the actual dessert....wwwhy ?

Camel !!! Check out that lady touching the camel. First encounterment with a camel...her question to me..."Can the camel bite".....she is touching the camel but the body action was half way ready to dash out in case the camel makes a sudden move !

It was a memorable experience and exotic too....

...back to the city.

One thing I loved about Sydney, our movement seems to be easy and can either take a bus, cab, train, walk or even take a water taxi.....interesting ! Apparently, the water taxi or The Sydney Ferries has been a mode of transport in Australia for the last 135 years.

How convenience ! The Sydney ferries explored 39 destinations. By taking the ferries, you will be able to have a close up view of the harbour bridge, the opera house and.....also to our next destination.....

...Taronga Zoo ! It's nearer to take the ferries than taking one big round if travel by road.

Taronga Zoo is the nation's leading zoological garden featuring Australia's finest collection of native animals and the best thing is its location. It is situated on elevated land along the waterfront, in one of the most beautiful vantage points on Sydney Harbour overlooking Sydney Cove, the Harbour Bridge and also the Opera House.

Like they said, if you not seen a Koala, have not been to Australia !

So it's a must for Nyonyachef to go to the Zoo !

Well,...Sydney is nice, is like having a mixture of rush hour in the city, and yet it's very relaxing,...beautiful scenery, cooling weather and the culture is diverse and multicultural. Sydney has many of the individual cultures that make up the place mosaic are centred on the ethnic, linguistic and religious communities formed by waves of immigration.

I was so tempted to just relax, nothing !...Just let the flow goes by !....and take some photo of the flowers.

...and one more thing you have to do !...if you have not done this, than you have not been to Australia....??!!

...Haha ! Must try the delicious,...juicy kangaroo steak ! Taste sightly like beef has a strong smell....turn off smell !

Well,...nyonychef motto,...u xplore, u eat !


backStreetGluttons said...

Now you have given us a great idea, kangaroo meat next
... rare

but make sure its before the beautiful jump at the Gap

NyonyaChef said...

I bet you have not try it,...maybe we should hunt it down in Meru and cooked it for team bsg !

petite nyonya said...

Hi there...are you Peranakan too? Nice pics of Sydney. Too bad I didn't manage to visit any of its shoreline the last time I was there. The sand activity looks so much fun!

Big Boys Oven said...

I smiled while reading through your post, knowing that you are enjoying every minute of it! just amazing! ;)

NyonyaChef said...

petite nyonya,

My grandma used to wear sarong kebaya everyday, does that makes me a Peranakan ? I am originated from Penang actually, hehe..don't really know my "root"


Thank you sir, I am living by the day, do whatever I want to do and think later, coz I do not want to get old and realizing not doing anything when I was young. Just do it ! Nike ! haha