August 19, 2009

Nyonyachef's Recipe on Safety Driving

When Nyonyachef don't cook or travel...he has another hobby !? !!!

Have any of you watched the movies called The Fast and The Furious ?....or Initial D ?

Full of actions,..stunts, cars,..chicks...

...what is the drift or...drifting

Drifting is a driving technique where your car will slides at an's just like moving side ways.

All I know is when your steering is turning right....your car is going left....I think !+x*@?

Anyway, don't try this at home !

Sounds fun and can feel the adrenalin rushing to your skull !

But, must not ignore the precaution steps written fine print

Nyonyachef's 8 simple ingredients on safety driving !

1. Never drift on the road. It is illegal.
2. When you are drifting for the first time,...don't go faster than you can handle.
3. Tyres should either be checked out by a professional before and after the stunts.
4. Wrong types of vehicles can cause you and your vehicles to flip over.
5. during down pour ! Road is slippery !
6. Must have safety equipment such as roll cage, racing straps,...and don't forget to bring your airbags along.
7. No Carlsberg before you drift ! Carlsberg please...after you drift !
8. You must be a skilled and experienced driver in order to do this.

Failing to comply to any of the following steps will result in the following damages shown in the pictures below:

Damage case no. I due to : Drifting without proper braking system, bald tyres, before, no to Carls !

Damage case no. II due to: Drifting on wet surface and so obvious,....non-experience driver !

If, you do need any further info on drifting, check out

Again, reminder...don't try this at home !


J said...

That's not your car, is it? :(

NyonyaChef said...


Big boys Oven said...

wow love your blog! fantastic recipe too!

backStreetGluttons said...

we shall drift again, soon ...with da women and gals + tigeress

NyonyaChef said...


Thanks for dropping by, still learning.


Da women, gals + tigeress and the driver!...4 in a car...prefect balance.

J said...
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J said...

In future, try to follow your own recipe a little better pleeease.
(So dangerous.....)
(Luckily you are not hurt!)
(Hmm... you are laughing in the face of danger? So brave...:P)