August 22, 2009

Nyonyachef goes to Sydney

Nyonyachef went for hibernation in one of the farm in Sydney. Back in my teens I always loved adventurous, outdoor activities, and xplore things that I cant's imagine doing....but it happens without me knowing.

Looking back,I used to canoe 3hrs in the open sea at Batu Ferringhi just using,...not a canoe, but a surf board !...jumping off the boat in the middle of the sea,...camping alone for 2 nites !!??? Scary at times !....having oyster, mussels, sea creatures for breakfast. 

Wow ! still alive !

But when I started my work,'s all about work, no more country life,...merely city life. Well, it's time I change and get away from all the pollution, haze, deadlines, phone calls,....and haha !...back to basic farm stay at Mowbray Farm. I just want to capture this moment of peace. Check it out !

Mowbray Park Farmstay is just located 1hr off Sydney Airport. From their history this farm was founded almost 2 centuries ago,...and still standing ! Cool ! I have a snooker table, fire place, equipped kitchen...etc. I was staying in Barker's Lodge. Hey ! it has nice cool weather here and fresh lungs find it difficult to adjust to the fresh air!...haha, no haze !

Once I have settled down, let's check out what does the farm has to offer.... riding, sheep shearing , canoeing, feed the wild dangerous cow !!???, how to hit someone with Australian boomerang, milking and whipping ?.....whipping ! Yup !....see the picture on top,....they even teach the women how to whip their husband !...Interesting !

Meals were pre-arranged, no mamak, no chinese, no fusion, or japanese....only one type of food,....the farm cook food....Whatever they serve that's it ! It's interesting coz I actually ordered a BBQ meal before I came,...and the six foot lady chef came out and apologized saying "I am sorry, I only can do it tomorrow" and "today I am cooking cauliflower soup and stewed chicken with tomato sauce".....Mmm, that's it ! Either you eat or....starved to death.

Another interesting thing.....I tried to order beer or wine....."Sorry we have not alcohol license so no, no, we don't sell beer.....BYO !??? For a moment I was thinking hard what is BYO ?!!!....Hehe I need to refresh my cultural moments.

After dinner, well enjoy the beautiful sun set. Beautiful quiet moment ! But it's that all for the day ?!!,no for nyonyachef !

What is next ? Cannot be sleeping at 7 in the evening...right ?

Liquorland ! my kinda home !

Happy hour just started

Either I am seeing double, or the camera man was drunk !

This is heaven ! Very rare I have the chance to really take a break and I can say,...this is a life time opportunity to see and experience the beautiful Mowbray Park Farmstay

Check it out, who knows, you might like it too.


msihua said...

Was it a good holiday?

I can't believe you went to live in an ulu farm!! Ahahaha...well done!!

NyonyaChef said...

Can't really say it was a holiday, but I had a good rest. Sydney is beautiful....hehe, much more happening compared to Melbourne.

Why not ? sometimes we need to run away from everyhing...u shd try it.

msihua said...

Hahah... it IS NOT more happening than Melbourne!!!

Hmmmpphhhh.... =P

And no thank you... I did 1 semester in Gippsland, VIC.. and that's enough of a farm life for me...

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! farm stay can be so fun! ;) trust me!

wizsurf malaysia said...

Sydney , one of the best places to see and eat on the planet.

NyonyaChef said...


OIC, have been quarantined before. Hehe...for a few days no problem,...more that a week, me also cannot take it lah.

NyonyaChef said...


Agreed !...very relaxing.

Wizsurf Malaysia,

Russia & Harbin should be your kind of place.