August 23, 2009

Nyonyachef goes to Sydney Fish Market

Before I even reached Sydney, many recommended a must go place to me,...The Sydney Fish Market. A must go place !...when you are in Sydney. Let's see what they have....

Hey ! nice's just like a huge wet market, but they only sell seafood.

Check out some of the succulent oysters, apparently they have many varieties ranging from miniture to XXX extra large size. Price from AUS$ 17.90/dozen to AUS$ 29.90/dozen.

They told us to pick the small oysters coz it's much sweeter, so sometimes the size and looks can be deceiving....well, let's pick both small and big for comparison....

Lobsters AUS$ 89.90/kg....1 live lobster will cost you approximately AUS$ 250++ depending on the size, but the huge guy can feed at least 5-8 persons.

These are cooked lobster at AUS$ 66.90/kg

Cool !...prawns AUS$ 22.90/kg. Serve cold with soy and wasabi.

Spanner crab at AUS$ 22.50/kg

Beautiful fresh Atlantic Salmon at AUS$ 33.80/kg....make your pick !

Well,...after 1/2hrs admiring all the stalls, nyonyachef is ready to make his pick !...Hmmm that oyster only cost AUS$ 15.00/dozen...but looks dry though ??!!! ! I can do this all day long. It's interesting picking from almost 10-15 stalls with different presentations.

Check out 1kg lobster AUS$69.90, 1doz miniture oyster AUS$17.90, 1doz XXX extra large oyster AUS$19.90, 1kg prawn AUS$ 22.90, 2kg crab AUS$ 30.00, 1/2kg Atlantic salmon AUS$ 16.90 and a 4 liters white wine AUS$ damage AUS$ 187.50 for 5 persons.

On a beautiful sunny Sunday with good fresh seafood and wine,....who is complaining !

What I enjoyed most...nice ambient by the pier, the fish market..come to think of it, doesn't smell fishy at all, and the amazing thing is there's lots of seagull sitting next to you,...watching you,....waiting,.....waiting for you to make a mistake...then,...within split second you just lost a lobster....haha !

If you do drop by at Sydney don't miss Sydney Fish Market Pty Ltd


Big Boys Oven said...

OMG!(again) I am drooling and so desireable seafood! everything is huge there, lucky you!

backStreetGluttons said...

You are so lucky a Big Blue Mountain Lobster or one Mowbray Farm Spanner Crab or the Biondi White Oyster din swallow you up from the legs first , hanging so near and so dangerous. Then those Big Fair Hairy Aussies will probably hang some parts of you for sale @ AUS$99.99 in the King's Cross man / woman market around midnight before the nyonya chefs wake up & start cooking

NyonyaChef said...


I liked the presentation, simple and not so complicated. You can just fly there if you want,...just do it.

NyonyaChef said...

Haha,...that's why I didn't go to King Cross,...instead, I checked out the gays club !!???