August 1, 2009

Braised Pork Leg

Another Tau Eu Bak...look alike ! Recap from my previous blog on Tau Eu Bak...there are many version, cantonese style, Hokkien style, Teochew style & many more....well, which one you like ?

This is another version from one of the Penang Hokkien Girl, claimed her mom's recipe is the original of all the originals !!???

Let's see the recipe

Ingredients; Pork leg, Shitake mushroom, Garlic, Shallots, Chestnuts, Light Soy, Dark Soy, Sugar, Salt & Pepper.

Methods; Add in oil, saute the garlic & shallots till fragrant. Add the pork leg, chestnuts, mushroom and all the seasoning....fry for 10min. Add in water, cover pot and let it simmer for 90min. Cooked till gravy has reduced to half, or thick.

Serve with steamed rice !


500g Pork Leg
100g Chestnuts
10g Garlic, minced
20g Shallots, chopped
10g Shitake Mushroom, soaked
2tbsp Light Soy
2tbsp Dark Soy
1tsp Salt
1/2tsp Pepper
1tbsp Sugar
500ml Water
2tbsp Oil

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