August 23, 2009

Nyonyachef goes to Sydney Fish Market

Before I even reached Sydney, many recommended a must go place to me,...The Sydney Fish Market. A must go place !...when you are in Sydney. Let's see what they have....

Hey ! nice's just like a huge wet market, but they only sell seafood.

Check out some of the succulent oysters, apparently they have many varieties ranging from miniture to XXX extra large size. Price from AUS$ 17.90/dozen to AUS$ 29.90/dozen.

They told us to pick the small oysters coz it's much sweeter, so sometimes the size and looks can be deceiving....well, let's pick both small and big for comparison....

Lobsters AUS$ 89.90/kg....1 live lobster will cost you approximately AUS$ 250++ depending on the size, but the huge guy can feed at least 5-8 persons.

These are cooked lobster at AUS$ 66.90/kg

Cool !...prawns AUS$ 22.90/kg. Serve cold with soy and wasabi.

Spanner crab at AUS$ 22.50/kg

Beautiful fresh Atlantic Salmon at AUS$ 33.80/kg....make your pick !

Well,...after 1/2hrs admiring all the stalls, nyonyachef is ready to make his pick !...Hmmm that oyster only cost AUS$ 15.00/dozen...but looks dry though ??!!! ! I can do this all day long. It's interesting picking from almost 10-15 stalls with different presentations.

Check out 1kg lobster AUS$69.90, 1doz miniture oyster AUS$17.90, 1doz XXX extra large oyster AUS$19.90, 1kg prawn AUS$ 22.90, 2kg crab AUS$ 30.00, 1/2kg Atlantic salmon AUS$ 16.90 and a 4 liters white wine AUS$ damage AUS$ 187.50 for 5 persons.

On a beautiful sunny Sunday with good fresh seafood and wine,....who is complaining !

What I enjoyed most...nice ambient by the pier, the fish market..come to think of it, doesn't smell fishy at all, and the amazing thing is there's lots of seagull sitting next to you,...watching you,....waiting,.....waiting for you to make a mistake...then,...within split second you just lost a lobster....haha !

If you do drop by at Sydney don't miss Sydney Fish Market Pty Ltd

August 22, 2009

Nyonyachef goes to Sydney

Nyonyachef went for hibernation in one of the farm in Sydney. Back in my teens I always loved adventurous, outdoor activities, and xplore things that I cant's imagine doing....but it happens without me knowing.

Looking back,I used to canoe 3hrs in the open sea at Batu Ferringhi just using,...not a canoe, but a surf board !...jumping off the boat in the middle of the sea,...camping alone for 2 nites !!??? Scary at times !....having oyster, mussels, sea creatures for breakfast. 

Wow ! still alive !

But when I started my work,'s all about work, no more country life,...merely city life. Well, it's time I change and get away from all the pollution, haze, deadlines, phone calls,....and haha !...back to basic farm stay at Mowbray Farm. I just want to capture this moment of peace. Check it out !

Mowbray Park Farmstay is just located 1hr off Sydney Airport. From their history this farm was founded almost 2 centuries ago,...and still standing ! Cool ! I have a snooker table, fire place, equipped kitchen...etc. I was staying in Barker's Lodge. Hey ! it has nice cool weather here and fresh lungs find it difficult to adjust to the fresh air!...haha, no haze !

Once I have settled down, let's check out what does the farm has to offer.... riding, sheep shearing , canoeing, feed the wild dangerous cow !!???, how to hit someone with Australian boomerang, milking and whipping ?.....whipping ! Yup !....see the picture on top,....they even teach the women how to whip their husband !...Interesting !

Meals were pre-arranged, no mamak, no chinese, no fusion, or japanese....only one type of food,....the farm cook food....Whatever they serve that's it ! It's interesting coz I actually ordered a BBQ meal before I came,...and the six foot lady chef came out and apologized saying "I am sorry, I only can do it tomorrow" and "today I am cooking cauliflower soup and stewed chicken with tomato sauce".....Mmm, that's it ! Either you eat or....starved to death.

Another interesting thing.....I tried to order beer or wine....."Sorry we have not alcohol license so no, no, we don't sell beer.....BYO !??? For a moment I was thinking hard what is BYO ?!!!....Hehe I need to refresh my cultural moments.

After dinner, well enjoy the beautiful sun set. Beautiful quiet moment ! But it's that all for the day ?!!,no for nyonyachef !

What is next ? Cannot be sleeping at 7 in the evening...right ?

Liquorland ! my kinda home !

Happy hour just started

Either I am seeing double, or the camera man was drunk !

This is heaven ! Very rare I have the chance to really take a break and I can say,...this is a life time opportunity to see and experience the beautiful Mowbray Park Farmstay

Check it out, who knows, you might like it too.

August 19, 2009

Nyonyachef's Recipe on Safety Driving

When Nyonyachef don't cook or travel...he has another hobby !? !!!

Have any of you watched the movies called The Fast and The Furious ?....or Initial D ?

Full of actions,..stunts, cars,..chicks...

...what is the drift or...drifting

Drifting is a driving technique where your car will slides at an's just like moving side ways.

All I know is when your steering is turning right....your car is going left....I think !+x*@?

Anyway, don't try this at home !

Sounds fun and can feel the adrenalin rushing to your skull !

But, must not ignore the precaution steps written fine print

Nyonyachef's 8 simple ingredients on safety driving !

1. Never drift on the road. It is illegal.
2. When you are drifting for the first time,...don't go faster than you can handle.
3. Tyres should either be checked out by a professional before and after the stunts.
4. Wrong types of vehicles can cause you and your vehicles to flip over.
5. during down pour ! Road is slippery !
6. Must have safety equipment such as roll cage, racing straps,...and don't forget to bring your airbags along.
7. No Carlsberg before you drift ! Carlsberg please...after you drift !
8. You must be a skilled and experienced driver in order to do this.

Failing to comply to any of the following steps will result in the following damages shown in the pictures below:

Damage case no. I due to : Drifting without proper braking system, bald tyres, before, no to Carls !

Damage case no. II due to: Drifting on wet surface and so obvious,....non-experience driver !

If, you do need any further info on drifting, check out

Again, reminder...don't try this at home !

August 1, 2009

Braised Pork Leg

Another Tau Eu Bak...look alike ! Recap from my previous blog on Tau Eu Bak...there are many version, cantonese style, Hokkien style, Teochew style & many more....well, which one you like ?

This is another version from one of the Penang Hokkien Girl, claimed her mom's recipe is the original of all the originals !!???

Let's see the recipe

Ingredients; Pork leg, Shitake mushroom, Garlic, Shallots, Chestnuts, Light Soy, Dark Soy, Sugar, Salt & Pepper.

Methods; Add in oil, saute the garlic & shallots till fragrant. Add the pork leg, chestnuts, mushroom and all the seasoning....fry for 10min. Add in water, cover pot and let it simmer for 90min. Cooked till gravy has reduced to half, or thick.

Serve with steamed rice !


500g Pork Leg
100g Chestnuts
10g Garlic, minced
20g Shallots, chopped
10g Shitake Mushroom, soaked
2tbsp Light Soy
2tbsp Dark Soy
1tsp Salt
1/2tsp Pepper
1tbsp Sugar
500ml Water
2tbsp Oil