July 25, 2009

Spaghetti with Garlic & Olive Oil (Vegetarian)

One of my favorite simple and healthy food.

I always liked to prepare this,...nice aroma from the olive oil,...the fresh taste from the...garlic and the...fresh basil.

You should try it...

Boil water, add in salt (be generous with the salt). Once the water is boiling,..add in the pasta. Let it boiled for 8-10min. 

While waiting, prepare the rest of the ingredients.... 

Preparation; garlic (sliced), chilli padi (chopped), basil leaves, salt, ground pepper, olive oil.

Heat up the saucepan, add in olive oil, saute the garlic till sightly brown, throw in the chilli padi(depends how hot you want it)

By now, the pasta should be ready....strain, add into the saucepan give it a quick stir and season with sea salt, ground pepper & basil leaves.

Simple and healthy !

300g Spaghetti
30g Garlic, sliced
3 Chilli Padi, chopped
5g Basil Leaves
2tbsp Olive Oil
1/2tsp Sea Salt, to taste
1/2tsp Ground Pepper, to taste


xhijoycex said...

yummy [:

msihua said...

There's a version of this which I do... when I remember it, I will tell you... I think it involves mint leaves, basil leaves and cherry tomatoes tossed... (and I add bacon bits)!

NyonyaChef said...


This is good when u want to have just veggie,...but the meat lovers might find it too green n raw...


Please share, I believe it should be very colorful n tasty coz of the bacon.

Hmmm...cherry tomatoes !