July 18, 2009

Kari Kay Pau (Curry Chicken Bun)

Nyonyachef & Nyonya mum Xploring...Kari Kay Pau !

I was amazed for the first time when somebody told me that the rest area in Tapah has a nice Curry Chicken Bun....Huh ? The only pau that i know is Tai Pau or Char Siew Pau, something not common to me &..it's at the highway.

I used to buy for my mom to try, quite ok,....but the standard deteriorated over the years.

Well,....my motto....you like it...you xplore !

Make the fillings;
Blend the dried chilli, turmeric, shallots, garlic, belachan, fennel, coriander seed & cumin. Heat the oil, saute the spice paste for approximately 10min or till fragrant. Add in the pre-boiled potatoes & chicken. Simmer till the chicken & potatoes are cooked. Salt & sugar to taste. (Optional, add in coconut milk)

Make the dough;
Mix 1 tsp yeast, 1 tbsp all purpose flour & 2 tbsp sugar into the luke water and leave it aside for 10 minutes. The yeast mixture is then ready. In a separate bowl add in the flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, oil(optional, you can use shortening) and mix well. Make a well in the centre. Pour in the yeast mixture and mix lightly. Bit by bit pour in the water, mix and work it into a dough. Knead dough for about 20min and leave aside for 1hour, or till bloated/doubled in size.

Wrap the pau;
Cut the dough into smaller pieces & then flatten dough by rolling it out, put the fillings in the centre and bring up the sides to seal.

Once you shape it into a pau, place it on a piece of grease-proof paper then let it rest for 15min. Steam it for about 10min.

Not bad at all....The rules of the game !..Knead the dough long enough !..Let it rest !...Add in more fillings !

To fix up a 3hrs non-stop...authentic/typical dish is not a big deal to Nyonyachef,....but anything got to do with pastry/bakery...somehow, I was drained out. I have to say...I really have to salute to all the bakers....for being able to maintain their precision & perfection.

500g All Purpose Flour
1/2tsp Baking Powder
3tbsp Oil
1tsp Salt
300ml Water

1tbsp Sugar
1tsp Yeast
2tbsp Water

15g (8) Dried chilli, soaked
100g (10)Shallot
10g Garlic
10g Belachan, toasted
10g Turmeric
5g Coriander Seed
1/2tsp Cumin
1/2tsp Fennel
300g Chicken Breast, cut into cubes
200g Potatoes, cut into cubes
1tsp Salt & Sugar

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