July 26, 2009

Ang Chiew Mee Suah (Red Wine Vermicelli)

I found a bottle of Ang Chiew(Red wine) in one of the kitchen cabinet, Hmmm....from France ?...Chile ?..Australia ?...no label ? Aiyah...must be from my Hock Chiew friend.

The Ang Chiew(Red wine) it's quite foreign to Nyonya cooking actually, the Nyonya normally will cooked Mua Eu Kay(Sesame Oil Chicken) with chinese rice wine,...the Hock Chiew will cooked Ang Chiew Kay or Ang Chiew Mee Suah,...either you want stew or soup.

Both the cooking methods are almost similar, in addition to that, both are good for during the confinement to help get rid of the "wind" in the body system.

So....did anybody just gave birth ?....I don't mind cooking for you coz it's pretty simple

Check out the ingredients and method....

Preparations; Chicken drumstick(Wash & cut to desirable size), Garlic(Sliced), Ginger(chopped into strips), Mee suah(Vermicelli)...blanch with hot water, salt & pepper.

Remember the Ang Chiew(Red wine)

Heat up the pot, add in some oil to saute the ginger and garlic. Cook till fragrant.

In goes the chicken, stir fry for 2-3min, then add in the water and let it boil. Once it's boiling, lower the heat and let it simmer for approximately 30min, or till the chicken is tender.

Add in the Ang Chiew(Red wine) and simmer for another 5min. Season with salt & pepper.

Some of my friends said when they cooked...it taste a bit sour !....they blamed the quality of the Ang Chiew(Red wine)....I don't really know how true is this.

I have tried 4-5 Ang Chiew(Red wine) from different sources, By right,....it should be Sweet ! All you need to do, is to balance the quantity of the....chicken(sweetness), salt(saltiness) & the Ang Chiew(sourness) then it will be the perfect..."yin & yang"

Note: Team bsg, it's about time we reopen the vineyard...

500g Chicken
1/2cup Ang Chiew
100g Vermicelli (blanch with hot water)
30g Ginger (chopped into strips)
10g Garlic (sliced)
1L Water
1tbsp Oil
1/2tsp Salt, to taste
1/2tsp Pepper, to taste


backStreetGluttons said...

sat 1 aug has been confirmed by 1 so maybe this is red time !

No worries the team also can make willing lady pregnant to enjoy red if really need to ( ahem , part of our valuable community services )

NyonyaChef said...

Hehe...they don't have to get pregnant to eat this lah...

Xiao Wei said...

In my opinion, the Fu Chow red wine chicken goes best with Fu Chow handmade mee sua but not normal mee sua. If you can get the Fu Zhou mee sua, then it will be the perfect combination.