June 30, 2009

Sambal Petai with Prawn

Pungent...either you like it or you don't !

But from many sources petai has lots of goodness; high in fibre & iron, contains vitamin A, B6, B12, rich in potasium, magnesium & other minerals..

..so why not ?

Preparation: dried chilli, garlic, shallot, belachan...blend all together into paste

Wash & deveined the prawn, peeled the stink bean (petai), chopped the onion, mix tamarind pulp with water and strain.

For busy...or lazy people ! I have a solution...

...buy this "LIZA'R CHILLI CURRY SPICES" it will save you half the time...and still taste good

Medium flame, add in the oil and saute the paste for approximately 10-15 min or till fragrant.

Throw in the prawns & tamarind juice, and bring it to a boil + -3 min.

Add it the stink bean (petai) & onion stir fry for another 2-3 min,...season with sugar/salt

I like to garnish with mint leave or sprinkle some ginger flower (bunga kantan) on top for the nice aroma

Serve with steamed rice will be the best.

A piece of advise,..stay away from your loved ones a day or two....!

Serving for 3-4 paxs

15g (10)Dried chilli, soaked
200g (15)Shallot
20g Garlic
15g Belachan, toasted
200g Stink Bean (petai), peeled

300g Prawn, shelled
50g Onion, chopped
30g Tamarind Pulp, mixed 1/2cup water
2tsp sugar, to taste
1tsp salt, to taste


backStreetGluttons said...

The BSG 2nd Quarter Challenge is on ! At one 15 minute sitting:

each contestant to finis
1. 1.4 kg high grade anghare durian

2. 300gm of sambal petai with prawns

3. 2 regular sized jugs of original grade 8X Amsterdam draft Carlsberg beer

4. 38 push ups upon completion of 1,2 & 3

price : to be announced

NyonyaChef said...

Cool !...I get the petai & Pg anghare,...you be the first contestant ! They don't call u Ironman for nothing

Haha durian, petai & push up no prob...the "2jugs" ? It's the killer