June 15, 2009

Nyonyachef round half the world in 80 days (Part II)

Part II...continues...check out Part I first

Next Stop....Vietnam

We landed in KLIA at 8:00am and we started drinking. 5 jugs 5 people at 8:am, then the manager came and said to us ! We never had any customers came this early and whacked 5 jugs in a short period of time. What he did not know was our flight was at 9:15am. The worst or can considered good thing was he gave us 1 jug free !!!!!!! Huh !!!! Imagine 1.15hrs....now the odds 6 jugs 5people !!!! Bottoms up ! Luckily the we managed to catch the flight.

The nightmare just began.....

Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam
Nyonyachef continues to encounter the rest of Team BSG, left & right,... during breakfast, during lunch, during dinner. All they do was introducing "333" to me. VIETNAM LOCAL BEER.

This is how we ended up !

First day !... and the rest of the 4 days in Vietnam. The only few places I can recalled was Cu Chin Tunnel, Russian Market, eating Pho on the road side &...????!!!!

South Korea
Beautiful place, Good food !...the sliced beef. But not many enjoyed it as they don't take beef....what a waste ! They even served curry apple !

Yucks,...I heard

2002 world cup stadium became a tourist stop

Next Stop....St Petersburg, Moscow, Helsinki

St Petersburg, Russia
Nyonyachef meets Team BSG again,...and the battle begins at the Winter Palace, St Petersburg

Moscow, Russia
Getting body heat at St Basils church

Golden domes of Assumption Cathedral in Kremlin, Moscow. Rated Russia as one of the famous place filled with beautiful domes, churches, cathedral,....not forgetting the caviar, champagne...ICE CHILLED VODKA

Ya right ! ICE CHILLED VODKA...drunken in Hard Rock, Moscow. Many BSGs vs one Nyonyachef It has became a norm when we come together. Who is the champion ? That's all they want to know...but till today....! Unknown 

Xian, China
Flew all the way there just to visit the terracotta ? 6 days drunk ! No memories !

Kunming, China
Nyonyachef trapped in a forced marriage ceremony !...with 300 eye witness

Next exotic place...

Harbin, China
Skiing ! It's not as easy as you looked, I was just posing there !...

Welcome to the ICE TOWN...

It was so beautiful,...the whole town was white and covered with ice sculpture

ChangChun/Jilin, China
It did snow on the second day !

You hardly see Team BSG !? You know why ?....Found them enjoying their food & beer.

They fear cold !...found their weakness ! By the way, not many can withstand -28c

Part III...to be continue


backStreetGluttons said...

Aha , now we know what the nyonyschef and team bsg did each day and night , 333 or 444 or what when people are not looking...

... all over the place from vietnam to siberia

NyonyaChef said...

Expos'e...he history of team bsg n nyonyachef...unfair competition !?