June 11, 2009

Nyonyachef goes Melbourne (Part II)

The next day! Enough of Asian food let's check out what the Australian eat

We took a tram to Victoria Market 10 minutes from where we stay

Pizza, Minestrone soup & Cappuccino for breakfast ? This is what the locals have for breakfast ?!

Let's move in deeper into the wet market. Well, I always loved to go around the western wet market.

It's clean, air-con/hot-con, the things are neat & tidy and the people are very friendly

All the food stuffs are so well presented, looks delicious and so appetizing. 

Temptation forced us....

...to have the "Second breakfast" !...there's one stall you have to pick and make your own sandwich. Frankfurter with sauerkraut (finely shredded fermented cabbage) and Prosciutto (aged, dry-cured Italian Ham) with cheese and greens. Satisfaction guaranteed ! Average price $3.50 each

Too full to eat anymore,....so we decided to check out the Melbourne streets, besides eating, shopping, sight seeing,....let's see what Melbourne has at their backstreet !

A backstreetglutton ?!....One of my purpose to Melbourne is to check out the famous Jamie Oliver's restaurant called "Fifteen" It was shown on TV how the restaurant started, how they hired the cooks..etc. I was amazed by his intention. Arghh! I was too early,...not prepared yet. Too bad !

What's there to eat in Melbourne ?....tried almost everything,....exotic food ? 

Let's see...

Decided to go the Vietnamese restaurant,...Mmm...Pho with "Bone Marrow" !

I don't know whether it's normal or not,...you be the verdict

I have eaten, drunken, what else to do besides spend money,...?

Make money...!

Walked down to Crown Hotel where the casino is owned by our Uncle Lim.

Haha I made my first $100..haha..first time in my life holding the casino chip. 

Not a gambler until.....

The next day...another 3 chips..$300...haha...

Who says eating trip is just spending money !?....think how to make money too! 

Well, by now you should know how I spend my time the next few days....


backStreetGluttons said...

a hardworking global backStreetGlutton making tons of $$$ downUnder , what an adventure. Beaurtiful Victoria street alright
cheers !

NyonyaChef said...

Making tons of $$$ downUnder was not difficult, trying out all the Aussie beers with 1/2 glutton is difficult.