June 11, 2009

Nyonyachef goes Melbourne (Part I)

Well, a lot of my friend said that Melbourne has some good Curry Laksa & Assam Laksa. So let's check it out ! I went on a eating trip, no sight seeing just eat and eat.

Approximately 7hrs ++ or 8hrs,..I think, we reached the First Stop...breakfast

They say this restaurant is quite famous for it fast food. Opened 24hrs.

American breakfast ! Bacon, sausages, eggs. Price $6.99

Australian Steak Burger. Just beef & egg. Price $5.99

Simple light breakfast, taste good maybe we were hungry after the 8 hrs journey

Next stop ! Thai restaurant ?

They mentioned Thai restaurant but they serve practically everything, Thai food, Malaysian food, Vietnamese food, Japanese food....etc

We tried the Pho Bo for a start,.....at that time it wasn't even 10am.

Very tasty, aroma of the basil leaf & well prepared with the beef slice medium rare. Never expect to have such tasty Pho in Australia. Even better than the few stalls that I've tried in Vietnam. Price $8

What's next......

Need a Beer to wash down the food. We walked down south to the Yarra River.

Beautiful ambience with nice view. Well, come to think of it still something is missing....where's all the topless ??? Erh....not in the city of course. Mmm. 

Can't have everything in one place.

As time goes by, one beer after another....it's time to check out some of the food again. We walked back to Spencer Street to some of the famous Penang, Nyonya Malaysian food.

We tried Curry Laksa in one of the food court near to a college. Rated so called the top in Melbourne. The taste is sweet, creamy & the curry smell not so strong. This is how the westerners like their Curry Laksa. We do not expect to have pungent & spicy like the one in Malaysia but just to understand how is their taste like when they say it's good.

That afternoon we had visited 6 Curry Laksa stalls, and we tried 3 different version, cooked & prepared either by Singaporean, Malaysian (To be exact,...Ipoh mari punya) or Vietnamese

The Singaporean version are much tastier than the rest ! It has more aroma and the paste is much stronger yet acceptable to the locals.
Price $8

Enough of eating for the next 4 hrs,....we should continue what we do best....

Xplore more of the Australian beers ! We had 6 different brands, Crown was good but....

...after a few beers,...we lost count. Erh,....which...is which !!???? They all taste the same. Ha ! That goes our survey,...down the drain ! We should have more gluttons with us rather than merely 2.

Next stop....purely Malaysia food.....Assam Laksa & Lobak

We patronized the Penang/Malaysian restaurant in China Town.

It doesn't look like Assam Laksa, taste a bit alike, but the preparation was out. They used can sardine, don't know what happen to the vegy.....soggy !

The Lobak has been pre deep fried, put in the fridge, and deep fried again. Resulting the texture is tough. Not good at all.

Price: Assam Laksa $9 and Lobak $11

The next day...(Part II)


backStreetGluttons said...

You are right ! 8 long hours just trying & starting to finis in some hours what normally team BSG will take in more than 24 hours ! We bet after the 3rd so so Aussie dish & 4th Melbourne beer you can't tell whether you are beside the Yarra river or the Gombak banks beside the Klang river !

But that was a great eating & drinking spree except...

where are the ladies ?

NyonyaChef said...

Erhhh, when the girls were there, I forgot to bring my camera lah..!

Lost in action when there was action

Anonymous said...

you should try the laksa at Little King (232 King St). damn good man.

NyonyaChef said...

Erh...I was staying at 113 King St for just a week,...can't recall whether I had it or not.

It was like laksa,then crown,then laksa,then VB..lost my directions !