June 30, 2009

Sambal Petai with Prawn

Pungent...either you like it or you don't !

But from many sources petai has lots of goodness; high in fibre & iron, contains vitamin A, B6, B12, rich in potasium, magnesium & other minerals..

..so why not ?

Preparation: dried chilli, garlic, shallot, belachan...blend all together into paste

Wash & deveined the prawn, peeled the stink bean (petai), chopped the onion, mix tamarind pulp with water and strain.

For busy...or lazy people ! I have a solution...

...buy this "LIZA'R CHILLI CURRY SPICES" it will save you half the time...and still taste good

Medium flame, add in the oil and saute the paste for approximately 10-15 min or till fragrant.

Throw in the prawns & tamarind juice, and bring it to a boil + -3 min.

Add it the stink bean (petai) & onion stir fry for another 2-3 min,...season with sugar/salt

I like to garnish with mint leave or sprinkle some ginger flower (bunga kantan) on top for the nice aroma

Serve with steamed rice will be the best.

A piece of advise,..stay away from your loved ones a day or two....!

Serving for 3-4 paxs

15g (10)Dried chilli, soaked
200g (15)Shallot
20g Garlic
15g Belachan, toasted
200g Stink Bean (petai), peeled

300g Prawn, shelled
50g Onion, chopped
30g Tamarind Pulp, mixed 1/2cup water
2tsp sugar, to taste
1tsp salt, to taste

Nyonyachef fix up an easy snack

This is what I do when I don't really cook

...or when you are not in "the" mood to eat..and trying to avoid eating out !

Just grabbed whatever in the fridge....

Pate,...Ham from Amsterdam ?! ...Mmmm

Many will ask..what is that thing ?... pate it's actually a mixture of minced liver, meat, herbs & with plenty of...FATs.

Haha, rich, healthy food !...? Can be quite an expensive stuff if you get the premium one

Get some crackers, cucumber & shallot to go with it,...done ! light & simple

You should try it....rich food,...get a bottle of wine to go with it

....lazy, not in the mood ?....try this !

June 28, 2009

Ulam (Herbed)

Fed up with all the oily food, MSG, this meat....& that meat everyday ?

Well...Detox yourself with all the greens !

Very refreshing, healthy meal ! Try this for a change ! If you dare ! 

Most of these veggies & herbs are good for digestion,...and some articles say: good for skin, eyes, reduces blood pressure, prevent cancer, &....much, much more !

...Hangover too ! (...to drinkers) This is how I would like to eat it....with sambal belachan & dried prawn

Cucumber, Four Angled Bean, Stink Bean, Mint Leaves, Ulam Leaves, Lemongrass (Option: Lady Fingers/Brinjal)

All you need to do is prepare the sambal belachan & the dried prawn

Sambal Belachan: toast the belachan, pound together with fresh red chillies & add lime juice

Dried Prawn: soaked in water, pound & add lime juice

...no oil, no msg,...EAT RAW !...Serve with rice

Serving for 4 paxs

300g Fresh Red Chilli, pound
50g Belachan, toasted
3tbsp Lime juice
50g Dried Prawn, soaked & pound
3tbsp Lime juice
150g Cucumber, sliced
100g Four Angled Bean, cut half & steamed 2 min
100g Stink Bean, peeled
50g Ulam Leaves, raw
30g Mint Leaves, raw

Homemade Roast Chicken

Sometimes you just don't know what to eat,....noodles, rice, fast food, hawker food, restaurant food, fine dining,...what else ?...you just feel that you want a simple....home cook food !

Of course nowadays we tend to save time,....or tend not to waste precious time!!???

Well, this is what I came out with...when I dunno know what to eat

Roast a chicken,...my way !

Get half a chic, Five spice, mix herbs, garlic, pepper & salt.

Stuff most of the spices under it's skin, rub some on the outer layer and let it rest for 1/2hr

Turn on the oven, set on 230 C and let it burn for approximately 30min.

Brush the chic with honey and let it grill for another 10-15min.

Done,....simple and tasty ! Cheers

Serving for 2 paxs

600g (1/2)Half Chicken
1tsp Five Spice Powder
1tsp Salt & Pepper
2tsp Mix Herbs
2tbsp Honey
10g (3) Clove Garlic, minced

June 23, 2009

Nyonyachef round half the world in 80 days (Part VI)

Part VI...continues...check out Part I,II,III,IV & V first

Back to the East,....holy Laos !

It's really a holy place, the local told me that they have to become a monk once in their life time

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang, Laos is a tourism destination...quiet, relaxing & famous for it's beautiful resorts,..Tourist mainly, the French, European & etc

This place it's like Penang 30 yrs ago, no cars mainly bikes,....reminds me of "Back to the future"

Few of my friends visited this place and they live to tell,..one left his camera...& the other left his wallet in the restaurants...after an hour later they came back to claim,...guess what ?..the their things are still on the table...untouched !...."Holy Place"

Luang Prabang, Laos

This is the resort I stayed,...relaxing, quiet....

Vientiane, Laos

Wat That Luang, a national symbol of Laos

Vientiane is the capital and largest city in Laos. Located on the banks of the Mekong River, Vientiane is a city steeped in legend and history. The streets are lined with trees, French colonial buildings, street markets, Buddhist temples, and noodle shops.

Another quiet,....but exotic place

Zhangjiajie, China

Feng Huang Cheng (Phoenix Town) A little town with houses built up on both sides of a river. The architecture has been preserved to give visitors an idea of what life was like years ago. This place is like Port Klang a century ago !

Zhangjiajie, China

Feng Huang Cheng (PhoenixTown)

Beautiful, amazing building,....

Nyonyachef xploring the Hunan cuisine !

Wulingyuan has unique landscape dominated by spectacular rock pinnacles, lakes, streams, limestone caves.

Zhangjiajie really shown me some exotic places & their cuisine.

No photo available but what is lunch ?!!!.....5 days my lunch + dinner was....braised snake meat, snake soup, turtle soup, stir fry turtle meat,....wild fish ?!....wild chicken,....wild chic too !!!! and the best of all.....first time in history,...."Padi Field Rat" I thought it was a small miniature pig !!!

...Yucks !!!!!!

Next stop,....a place filled with the emperor's cuisine

Beijing, China

I loved Beijing food

Beijing, China

The Great Wall of China,....my 3rd time climbing
One of the "Great Wonders" of the world

Beijing, China

To climb....or not ?!!!!! Better not I have height phobia !

Beijing, China

Beautiful view of the Great Wall of China

Beijing, China

China declared 4 star clean toilet in 2007

Down to the south.....

Kunming, China

Nyonyachef & Team BSG....climbed Western Hill to reach the Dragon Gate

Kunming, China

The view within the Western Hill

Stone Forest....Team BSG stucked between the rocks

Nyonya enjoying the scenery....

Well,...these are the 6 chapters of the my journey round half the world that I would like to capture before it disappeared or forgotten !....and for the future,....the xploring, the eating, the doing....starts here....!

June 21, 2009

Nyonyachef round half the world in 80 days (Part V)

Part V...continues....check out Part I, II, III & IV first

Spartans....! Here we come...!

Athens, Greece

Parthenon on Acropolis

Acropolis under reconstruction

Nyonyachef heading to Poros & Hydra

Check out the scenery...beautiful isn't it ?

Nyonyachef met one of the Spartan warrior....with appointment at 10am..!?

Nyonyachef met another Spartan warrior ! Where did they come from ? 

Nice bird view....we were actually trying to feed the birds while they are flying.

Hydra: 12km long / 5km wide. Ancient name called Hydrea

Hydra activities mainly; Culinary attraction; Natural area; Resort or relaxation spot. Nice seafood!

Corinth Canal, constructed between 1882 and 1893. Involving an excavation up to 260ft in depth, the canal is 6.3km long, 75ft wide and 26ft deep, and can take vessels of up to 10,000 tons.

Epidauros Theatre a classical greek ancient theatre able to cater for 14,000 Greeks

Remains of the ancient Temple of Zeus at Olympia.

Nyonyachef took a boat from Greece to Italy

Rome, Italy

Nyonyachef woke up at 5:30am for the sun rise. First time in my life I actually saw how the sun slowly appears....

Pompeii, probably founded 290 B.C. and by the first century A.D. was a prosperous provincial capital with a population estimated at 20,000. In A.D. 63 much of the town was destroyed by a severe earthquake, and rebuilding had not been completed when an eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79 covered the whole town, with a layer of ash and pumice-stone 6-7m thick

Since the 18th century something like three-fifths of the total area of the town (the walls of which had a perimeter of 3,100m have been recovered from 1860 onward.

Sorrento, Parco Dei Principi that's the hotel I was staying. It was built in 1961, set on a cliff overlooking the magnificent Gulf of Naples

Capri, one of the most beautiful and most visited of the islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is in fact an extension of the peninsula of Sorrento, and lies at the southern end of the Gulf of Naples.In Roman times, when it was known as Caprae.

The island is 6km long and between 1 and 2.5km wide, has rugged limestone crags rising to a height of 1,944ft above the sea.

You have met the Spartans,....now let's meet the Gladiators !

Rome, Italy

The Arch of Constantine in Rome is the largest of the remaining Roman arches.

The Colosseum..land of the Gladiators. This one of my...a must place to visit !

Vatican City, it is the smallest country in the world by both area & population, at approximately 110 acres, and with a population of around 900. The Vatican City is a city-state that came into existence in 1929.


To be continue....Part VI