April 7, 2009

Too Tor T'ng (Pig Stomach Soup)

This is one of the nyonya authentic dish. Normally served during a special occasion like CNY or during chinese prayers.

This dish is dedicated to all the meat lovers

This main task in preparing this dish is getting rid of the smell !

Clean the pig stomach by washing it with water & plenty of salt, repeat this process a few times. Once cleaned, boiled it with spring onion, peppercorn & ginger till soft (20 minutes). Fry the pig stomach for another 5 minutes, this will further reduce the unwanted smell.

Now we are ready to cook.

Boiled water, add in the pig stomach, pork/chicken, water chestnut, lots of peppercorn, preserve vegy, ginger, Yunan chinese ham (If you have) and shitake mushroom. Cook for approximately 1 hr or until pork/chicken is tender.

Then add in the gingko simmer for another 15 minutes. Season to taste with salt & pepper.

Add it lots of peppercorn if you wish, this will definitely brings out the heat in you !

Serving for 4-5


500g Pig stomach
500g Pork ribs/Chicken
200g Water chestnut
100g Preserved vegetable
100g Gingko Nuts

40g Ginger
40g Shitake mushroom (soaked)
30g Garlic
50g Yunnan Chinese Ham
20g Spring Onion
1tsp Peppercorn, (crushed)
1.5lit Water
1tsp Salt, to taste
1tsp Pepper, to taste


backStreetGluttons said...

Your meats look so very powerful , no need chilis also can explode then go super high !

Welcome back to kuala Lumpur , Malaysia !

NyonyaChef said...

When you want to try this,..let's xplore & eat