September 20, 2014

Fuzhou Fish Maw Soup

Dedicated to my Foo Chow buddy !

Mission accomplished !

First mission was to produce Fuzhou Red Wine...Done !

Second mission cook Fish Maw...Done !

Preparation: Fish Maw (Soaked till soft, remove excess water. Fry for 3mins), Shitake Mushroom (soaked and sliced thinly), Bamboo Shoot (Rub with salt, boiled for 2mins and sliced thinly), Pork Belly (sliced)Black Fungus (Soaked and sliced thinly), Carrot (cut into strips), Ginger, Garlic, Eggs and Chicken Stocks.

Heat up oil, saute Garlic and Ginger. In goes the Pork Belly and stir fry for 2mins. Add in the Shitake Mushroom. 

Throw in Fish Maw and fry to make it softer. Pour in the Chicken Stocks, add in the Carrot, Bamboo Shoot, Black Fungus and let it come to a boil. 

Lower the heat and let it simmer for 20mins. Slowly add the Kampung Koh Chilli Sauce and Tomato Sauce. Adjust the spiciness and sourness to your likings. 

Season with Sugar, Salt, Pepper and Black Vinegar, to taste. If it's not thicken enough, add cornstarch. 

In goes the beaten egg and it's....DONE ! 

Garnish with Spring Onion or Coriander Leave.

Serving for 4paxs

100g Fish Maw (soaked and fry)
200g Pork Belly (sliced)
4pcs Shitake Mushroom (soaked and sliced thinly)
4pcs Black Fungus (soaked and sliced thinly)
1/2pc Carrot (sliced thinly)
200g Bamboo Shoot (boiled and sliced thinly)
20g Ginger (sliced thinly)
20g Garlic (minced)
800ml Chicken Stocks
2 Eggs
150ml Kampung Koh Chilli Sauce
100ml Tomato Sauce
2tbsp Vinegar
1/2tsp Pepper
1/2tsp Salt
1tsp Sugar

August 23, 2014

Jiangsu...Places !...Food !

...Nyonyachef share what he eats in Jiangsu Province, China !

Jiangsu Puffer Fish

Braised Puffer Fish in Soy Sauce.

Miniature Crab Claws in Soy

Miniature Crab Claws in Chinese Wine and Ginger

Steamed Water Egg with Clams

Steamed Water Egg with Fish

Boiled Miniature Prawn

Prawn in Pumpkin Sauce

Chinese Tofu or Bean Curd

Spicy Sea Snail in Soy Sauce

Braised Turtle in Bean Paste

Pork Tendon

Hairy Crab

"Up side Down"...Pastry Hairy Crab

Raw Abalone

Chinese Herring 

Next, so south...Lushan

August 9, 2014

Jiangsu...Places !...Food !

Xploration trip to Jiangsu Province. 

Nyonyachef capturing the moments...where he eats...and what he eats.

24 hours a day for 5 days in this hotel,...I think I spent less than 48 hours in ! 

What Nyonyachef do most of his time....

...Cheers ! 

Private lunch venue.

The biggest Buddha statue in the South China. The Lingshan Grand Buddha in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

Next...what Nyonyachef eats